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[Paul Lismore] Merci Ivan, the not so terrible

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 20 Octobre 2022

[Paul Lismore] Merci Ivan, the not so terrible
You did me a huge favour yesterday; your behaviour, your ultra arrogant demeanour, and your incredible ability to say anything in order to please your new lord and master yesterday on Radio Plus made me understand why I absolutely hate, abhor, despise, detest, and abominate most of our politicians in all our parties.

You are nothing but a bunch of egotistic idiots who are so full of yourselves that you really believe that no one can match the intelligence that you believe you have but which is rarely in evidence...or you really delude yourselves into thinking that you are so pretty, so handsome, so sexy that knickers of all women fall down by themselves at the mere mention of your names.

Of course, there are some "women '' who love wearing yoyo knickers, but unfortunately for you, Padaleksi and King Dong Teefuck seem to have cornered that market. As you are only 5 feet something tall, I would not advise you to wear a pair of savate Dodo, in case even the easy women would find it difficult to find you, never mind finding  the chipolata that seems to have become an obsession with these pathetic individuals.

Before I go any further, I have to express my admiration for Nawaz Norbux for putting you in your place yesterday, and for showing the world, as if we did not know already, what an arrogant dick head you really are. As you know, my hatred for politicians is matched only by my hatred for our zourlanus, who have the same instinct for making money by any means possible as our vile politicians. I have immense respect for the few journalists who understand what the noble profession of journalism is all about.

I have said some quite brutal things about Nawaz in the past, and I will continue to do so if I see any signs of him being affected by the toxic aroma of la kwizinne. But what a performance from him yesterday! The man was on fire, and the little dwarf got not only singed but his testicles must have shrunk and turned into dry raisins by the time Nawaz had finished with him.

When the whole thing was over, I felt sad. You know why? I just could not understand how a so called serviteur du pays could lie so blatantly in public, and wanted to bully Nawaz into doing the one thing that no self respecting journalist should ever do: reveal his source to the gablous. Ki kalite zavoka sa? They tell me he is a Senior Counsel, and you know my views about how those titles are entirely in the hands of one person only, the Chief Judge....

But a Senior Counsel who says one thing one minute and when confronted by an angry Norbux, he splutters "mo pa ti dire sa, moi"? Eoula! Kk la kwizine in rant dan la tete kumsa? And a Senior counsel who has almost nothing to say about the brutal, callous murder of the Prime Minister's agent, but who kept yapping on and on about the "authenticity" of the magistrate's report? The only authentic thing I could identify during his shameful appearance was this: " Bhadain ti ena rezon apel sa ti kouyon la ene chihuahua!" Your constant yapping that had absolutely no effect on most people reminded me of the chihuahua.

I won't go into the details of your disgusting attempt to divert attention from the murder of one of your people to one about the insulting arguments about authenticity of the magistrates' report. Eoula! Arete trap le bibite, et servi la main pou call the magistrate and ask a simple question: "Eski rapport la vrai sa?" What is so difficult about that? Apparently, very difficult as neither you, nor our super intelligent PM with his own radar en fesse, or the AG with a face that must give himself nightmares every night, can take the initiative to ask that simple question....

Mai kan pou renpli poches avek larzan kokin, zot initiative bien fort, non? Anyone with an ounce of self respect would have resigned from the National Assembly when the PM sacked him from his DPM's post on the basis of a "ti boutte papier". Why hasn't he done so? Does he fear what Pravind Jugnauth will say when he adjusts his radar on you, as he did on Darling Sherry,: " Atan! To pou kone!". In other words, is there evidence that we have not been told, and which ICAC and Dipshit are sitting on, and to be revealed if the little clown fer tapaz? Otherwise, why else would someone put up with such humiliations from the PM that he is apparently forced to adore?

Let me finish on something that I rarely do: praise a journalist for his excellent work. Well done, Nawaz Norbux! Let your performance be the template in the future for other journalists and zourlanus who try to interview these arrogant, lying, cheating bastards.

Jeudi 20 Octobre 2022

1.Posté par Yaasin Sir Gaetan le 20/10/2022 21:58
Ivan Collendavelloo was always a crap lawyer and minister, arrogant, nasty, and overrated as F. His midget height complements well his despicable personality.

2.Posté par Dalon le 21/10/2022 12:22
Pendant trop longtemps, nos journalistes n'ont pas eu le courage de faire du journalisme d'investigation. Oubliant bien souvent que la presse, dans un pasys démocratique, est le Quatrième Pouvoir. Ici, la presse représentait pas grand chose étant soit partisane ou leche-botte. Aujourd'hui, surtout avec le Defi, Top FM, et l'Express, nous avons des journalistes d'investigations qui font bien leur boulot et même si ils ne sont pas aussi suivis que le JT de la MBC, on sent un petit frémissement dans le pays. Nous ne pouvons que souhaiter que ces journalistes continuent ce bon boulot et que les choses vont changer.

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