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Yes, they all said it: "Nou pou al tousel! Marker garder, pa pou ena oken alliance!"

From Xavier Duval's delusions of grandeur that made him see the PMSD as our greatest party and him as our new Prime Minister ( an illusion that was shattered by the terrible reality of the lost deposit in the elections partielles at Quatre Bornes/Belle Rose...), to Navin Ramgoolam repeatedly assuring us that "Parti Travayis pou al tousel!", to Pravind Jugnauth telling us that the toxic combination of MSM/ML will continue, "solide kom touzour", to the Gro UnReformed buffoon looking for any alliance but ultimately realising that no one wants him, and for good reason too.....and Berenger telling us on numerous occasions that "MMM pou al tousel" and keeping his promise, despite the assertions of various gogotologues and sousoutologues seemingly knowing better and telling us that the MMM/MSM alliance is back on...wrong, as usual.

What has happened since?

Well, they all in ravale zot la crasse apart from the honourable exception of Paul Berenger and his MMM. Now, before some idiot jumps to the conclusion that I am a MMM supporter, I feel a compulsion to remind people that I write as I find:

if I have to praise any politician of any party for doing something good, I will do so, irrespective of the party he/she represents. My FB logo should be enough to tell you what I think of our politicians and all our political parties...

Berenger deserves the highest praise for choosing to go it alone. And I suspect that this decision will bring him many more votes that will even exceed his usually optimistic demeanour, despite being also mari amerder a lot of the time....So, on a very rare occasion that I do these things, I congratulate him and the MMM for showing us that sometimes, albeit too rarely, our politicians do keep their promise.

What have the other party leaders done? It is pointless talking about the parties, because they are made up of zombies led by an all powerful leader who decides everything, including choosing the names of the lucky ones who will receive the passport to untold riches, also known as 'ticket'.

So, they have remained true to form and decided to enter into alliances with people that most of us would cross the road in order to avoid them.

1/ The PMSD, from possibly its lowest standing in our political firmament, has done extremely well in holding on to a much more popular PTr. Well done, Zaza! From the edge of the precipice to being back in contention for all those juicy posts for your little band of zouisseurs.

2/ A hearty Thank you to Pravin Jugnauth for showing us how the Waste Water people should work effectively: he has managed to pick up the shits from the other parties and he still shows great pride in doing it...As for the shits who happily jumped on the camion baydoum of the MSM, I can't see any one of them being elected, apart from perhaps Ganoo, and that only because of his long time in number 14. And don't you get this nice, warm feeling when you see that a lot of the MMM traitors have not received a ticket....

3/ The PTr started from a position of strength and its popularity was increasing, despite the disk rayer of "cotomili, coffre fort" being constantly rehashed rather ineffectively by Pravin Jugnauth and his zombies.

It could have become the majority party in the next government, all by itself. But rather inexplicably, Ramgoolam decided to align his party with the moribund PMSD and the one that was already in a coffin and on its way to the cemetery, the Mouvement Pathetik. God knows the logic behind his decision to go back on his word.

I can only assume that he panicked when he saw the quite shameful way the MSM was trying to buy the Creole Community, esp with Lee Shim splashing his ill gotten money in the poor quarters where many creoles inhabit. Will the Creoles forget the damnably nasty and cruel way they have been treated by all political parties, but especially this MSM government? I hope not.

Ramgoolam is hoping that PMSD and Barbier will bring back the Creole vote....A hope based on nothing but blind optimism and which ignores the feelings of disgust that many Creoles feel towards the PMSD, as evidenced in Belle Rose/Quatre Bornes where not even the cites came out to vote for the PMSD candidate. 

Xavier himself could be in trouble as many people would prefer to vote for Arvind Boolell, Satish Boolell and anyone else instead of Sithanen.

4/ The MMM has stayed true to its word, and, for once, Berenger has deployed the correct political tactic. That is not to say that it will be the largest party when the results are declared...But it will be a good performance if it gets at least 10 of its candidates elected.

Most people agree that whatever the outcome of the next elections, one thing is absolutely unmissable:

this hugely corrupt, nasty, and evil MSM government must not be allowed to return and to imperil our future even more than it has already done. I so wish that in order to achieve this, Ramgoolam and Berenger should conclude a secret pact and ask their supporters to vote tactically: where the MMM is strong, the PTr voters should be asked to vote MMM; where the PTr is strong, the MMM voters should be asked to vote PTr. Anything to get rid of this awful government, because that has to be the priority.

Unfortunately the PTr has ended up with one coq touni and two graines. The MSM is happy with ene fesse et so Lachanya as the renplacant Banbara Boyga....

Lundi 14 Octobre 2019

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