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[Paul Lismore] Kifer Manish Gobin so ministere pa p pran action kont ene pagla raciste/misogyniste/degoutan?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 22 Février 2023

What follows is entirely true, although it is hard to believe that some people can behave in a thoroughly disgusting manner at the office and no one does anything about it.

No one! Not the HR sipaki, the Director, the Acting Assistant Director, the PSC, the Senior Chief Executive, Manish Gobin the so called minister who convinces us everyday that there really is a huge vacuum between his ears...No one! And when the aggrieved staff complain of assault, verbal and physical, etc to Moka police station, what does the station do? Sweet fuck all!

B kifer sa? Eski boug la fami ar tou sa ban gopias la? Eski li ena ene "accoutrement" ki 10 pouces et ki fer ban la gagne sitan bon, ki zot la main trenble kan ena pou ekrir, "You are suspended, you pervert!"? I cannot think of any other reason for the authorities to refuse to do anything  except that he is a "nou bann", he is related to a senior idiot, he is married into the family of one of the idiots, he is a political agent, i.e. a macro?

Or are they simply cowards who wear 3 pairs of lamoresse/knickers every time they go to work in case something happens and they shit themselves?

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Pa pou narien ki boukou dimounes pense ki pays la in pourri net depi ki ti cretin in vine o pouvoir, et tou zafer relate to "nou bann". 

Here are some of the OB numbers at the police station for various offences by the pervert (he has openly unzipped his trousers, whipped it out,  and shown the female staff where his brains are located, i.e. in a tiny little cock...). And yet, he is still working and continues to harass the staff, esp female staff:

190/22: Assault on staff.
193/22: Harassment of female staff.
221/22: Breach of ICTA, indecent, aggressive email.
386/22 : Breach of ICTA again
917/22: Breach of ICTA again!
1597/22: Breach of ICTA again!
143/27: Molesting public officer with violence.

Now, any other person with that number of police complaints and provisional charges would have been at the very least suspended from duty. Esp as one of our most senior Civil Servants, Medha Gunputh, is aware of his insanely outrageous behaviour at work. The minister, Manish Gobin, is also aware, but as usual, he cannot get his la guele vier sousoute to step up a gear and do what any other decent minister would have done: Order the cowards under him to suspend the wretched man! The PMO of course is also aware, as the victims have copied letters to an office that seems unable to fix its own radar...

Time to name some other names: Mrs Kureemun is Deputy Director at the Ministry of Agriculture, and the pervert works as a "Scientific Officer" in the same ministry. All that Mrs Kureeman has done so far is transfer all the female staff and replace them with male staff! Ala Gender equality! Kan fam ramasse bez, laisse pervert la trankil et transfer ban fam la!

Mrs Peerthum: Acting Principal Scientific Officer, who seems scared of her own shadow...
Why have all these people refused to take any action? The civil servants, the PSC, the ministry of Agriculture, the PMO, the Commissioner of police etc? Why are they giving the impression that they protect this Mr Jeetoo?

Sorry, I did not tell you that Jeetoo is the scientific officer who believes he is God's gift to women and whose febrile imagination allows him to believe that a married woman, who finds him repulsive, aggressive, and threatening, is really in love with him...hence the torrent of unsolicited and often aggressive emails, and the assault on her husband and on another male member of staff..

Despite numerous complaints to senior staff and up to the PMO, Jeetoo is still free to balance his dick at work to the staff and to threaten and verbally assault other members of staff. Police treat all his complaints as if ene bon dimoune sa, and has never objected to his release on bail.

Mo koir si mo la braguette kasse et zafer la deor, si la police bez moi, mo pou dire: "Eoula mo p fer ene Jeetoo moi, mo p donne li in p lair..."

Let us see what the Ministry of Agriculture will do now....assuming ki ban dimoune en sarz pa p manz fimier vache en place ki servi sa pou plantes, et la tete in alor sitan abriti ki zot pa kapav fer ene ferfoute...

The latest letter of complaint from a  staff desperate for the seniors to do the decent thing...:copied to the PMO where some idiot will no doubt whimper. "Kot mo in faute moi?"....

[Paul Lismore] Kifer Manish Gobin so ministere pa p pran action kont ene pagla raciste/misogyniste/degoutan?

Mercredi 22 Février 2023

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