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[Paul Lismore] Kan Jangi al la peche et retourne zis avec ene kokil...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 19 Mai 2021

[Paul Lismore] Kan Jangi al la peche et retourne zis avec ene kokil...
Even if you live on Mars, you would have all heard of the "arrest" of Rama Valayden and others at 2.00 in the morning.

The Deputy Commissioner of Police, Hemant Jangi, brought out of retirement by Pravind Jugnauth parski, eh fami sa, and to also put him in prime position to replace the current dummy as Police Commissioner, loves his job so much that he was waiting at Casernes in order to supervise the crime of the century: Eski Rama Valayden ti diboute tro pre avek lezot, et alor ban bhai lookhe like Dick the Prick ti pou tro exciter kan penser ki ena sexual intimacy p passer la?

Yes, people, na pa dire ki nou pa fort lor law and order dan sa ggt pays la! La drog kapav rantrer par milliards de roupies, dimoune kapav touyer et garde dan freezer pou 2 mois, ene policier gro vant kapav azir kouma ene sovaz lor ti lanbic dan lopital, politiciens kapav kokin par milliards, lot politicien kapav fer touy so agent, etc etc...None of that matters, folks! Because if they mattered, the Head of the CCID, Hemant the Junglee, would be at the forefront of any investigation to elucidate those crimes..

Instead, he waits for the really big crime, the real crime of the century, where the police does not arrest someone whilst witnessing the "crime" being committed on the previous day, but instead waits for him just before he puts his pyjamas on at 2 in the morning to say the magic words: " Ello, ello, ello! What have we here? Going to bed are we, Sir? We can't have that! We live in an etat de droit, Sir! Good old Junglee has got out of bed in order to welcome you at Casernes. On what charge? Fuck knows, Sir! Only Pravind and Junglee know. Come on, we have come to provide you a free limousine service to take you to the plush surroundings of Casernes".

Let me be the Devil's Advocate here and ask a few simple questions:

1/ If Jangi and Mr Seashell (Kokil) are right that it was Rama Valayden who insisted on being interviewed at 2 am, then I am afraid the live video of the police unwarranted visit to Rama's house and his departure by police limousine service tells us a totally different story. A burlesque story where the hapless police officers did not know what to charge Rama with and had to ask Casernes for clarification!

A good Deputy Commissioner of police would have told Rama: "Eoula! C moi ki decider kiler pou interview ou! Alor, vini dimin 8 hrs matin, ok? mo pa pou paye gablous overtime pou vine sers ou 2 hrs du matin!"

But Jangi didn't. He simply obeyed Rama's desire to be interviewed at 2 in the morning. How we all wish that every police officer would act under our instructions as Jangi did...

2/ Mai a nou aksepter ki c Valayden ki in insister vine a 2 hrs du matin en place ki aksepter Jangi's magnificently humanitarian gesture of coming to Casernes at 8 a/m. 

3/ How can you then explain that Noorani Aurdally and Mukhtar Hossenbaccus, two constituency clerks of 2 PTr MLAs, also turned up at Casernes at 2 a.m to be "interviewed"? Why didn't Jangi tell those two, Vini dimin 8 hrs? Can you see that Jangi's argument is rather weak, even when supported by his ASP Seashell?

4/ Why wasn't the same courtesy offered to Shazad Mungroo, the lawyer representing Rama and who also found himself "interviewed"? Why didn't he get to travel in the comfort of the Casernes Limousine service?

I am afraid the story of Rama tellling Jangi that he wants to be interviewed at 2 am instead of 8 am sounds rather stupid. Because let us assume that he accepted Jangi's kind offer. What about the other 3 who were interviewed? Why was nothing offered to them? Because it was expected that they would ALL attend Casernes as ORDERED by the gablous at 2 am!

Finally, Rama , can you do me a favour please? I am on a real promise from a charming lady this Saturday night at around 2 am in Port Louis. Any chance of you ordering Jangi to provide me with the Casernes Limousine service for the night please? The lady will be sooo impressed...

Mercredi 19 Mai 2021

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