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[Paul Lismore] Indecision and procrastination in the circus known as the MBC...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 21 Septembre 2021

No leader can afford to look at a rotten fruit and do nothing but tolerate the stench. No Prime Minister with any self respect would look at the cataclysmic disaster known as Anooj Ramsurrun, the so called DG of the MBC, and decide to do nothing even if it is apparent to anyone with some grey matter between the ears that Anooj the idiot will contribute a great deal with his magnificent incompetence and uselessness to bring about the electoral defeat that is looking more and more certain. 

I have written on numerous occasions about Anooj the idiot and his innumerable fracas at the MBC. Pravind Jugnauth must surely be aware of the fact that no Mauritian, not even the chatwas, can be happy with the way our monthly Rs 150 licence fee is being wasted by Anooj the idiot and his band of mercenaries, also known as the zom pitins of the MBC. Never mind the numerous examples of abuse of MBC cars and other vehicles used for entirely private and therefore illegal reasons.

I recently wrote about one of Anooj's darlings, Bagah, and his appropriation of a NHDC house despite the fact that he already owns a house; about the gambling sessions held at the MBC during working hours, all condoned and indeed supported by the idiot.; about job applications from young women that necessarily entail photos and videos of the applicant completely naked and letting her finger do the walking whilst the bugger plays with himself on camera. I have written about all of these at length and it is rather disappointed that only Week End has repeated these lurid facts....

Let me now come to another one of Anooj's little zom pitin, who has caused even more havoc at the MBC: Sailesh Brigmohun. In 2018, Brigmohun was promoted to Logistics manager despite being way behind the other candidates in terms of qualifications and experience. Usually, these posts are given on the basis of the first year being on probation, but that particular zom pitin was appointed with no requirement for any probationary period whatsoever. 

But it gets worse, folks. That particular zom pitin, enjoying the full backing of Anooj the idiot, often now gives/barks orders even to those higher up the hierarchy. When the staff of the MBC complain and start sending letters to the PMO and to that even more useless organisation known as ICAC, a/ the letters are ignored by the PM and his dogs in the PMO b/ Anooj starts sending anonymous letters to ICAC and PMO so that when questions are asked about Bagah or Brijmohun, Anooj pulls out the card known as: " pa pran traka ek sa. Ena boukou lettres conplaintes lor boukou staff, pa zis sa 2 la!".... despite the fact that every one knows that our DG of our MBC cannot write or speak English or French, and his letters to ICAC are in an apepre Creole! But ICAC is either too stupid or too corrupt to understand this....

Sailesh Brijmohun was a taxi driver before he got a job as cameraman at the MBC. Very rapidly, Anooj the idiot promoted the one he calls his "losse noir" (fuck knows what it means, or if it is anything sexual...) to Logistics Manager despite him being by far the worst candidate. There is a very profitable side business where cameras of the MBC are used to film private weddings...Petrol vouchers that he is not entitled to somehow find his own car being filled with petrol at our expense....An ex MorpIoN News female zourlanus often keeps Sailesh company in sugar cane fields where they admire nature, I suppose...

The PMO knows all the above, and has apparently told Anooj the idiot to "control to losse noir, ti ggt!". Anooj apologised and asked to " donne li ene lot chance"....According to PRB, Sailesh is not entitled to get any overtime. But Anooj the idiot has circumvented that by making Sailesh carry the micro when interviewing Pravind Jugnauth, apparently based on another lie that the PM apparently 'likes' to see him at his conferences...See the micro as proof, where Sailesh is holding the micro, on overtime rates..

So, why haven't Pravind Jugnauth and Lady Macbeth done nothing to get rid of these parasites? I'll tell you why: Anooj the idiot always puts his phone on loudspeaker and Sailesh records all the conversations between Anooj and the PM and his wife, and those gargoyles in the PMO telling him what to include in that cartoon known as " Le journal". Good material for blackmailing, eh?

A good PM would know that there is nothing stopping him from getting rid of those idiots. All he has to do is say this to them: "To rode blackmail moi avek tape recording phone conversations prive? Kont la loi ICTA sa, aller mo fer Dip dip so gro pouce dan to trou fesse! Et mo koner ki toi et to zom pitin koz ar lopposition pou zot pa poz questions lor MBC. Zot fer traitres de tou les 2 kote: traitre avek gouvernman et traitre avek looposition. Bez fesse aller aster, et pran to zom pitins ar toi!"

Pravind Jugnauth would be stupid to let that circus continue as it is with those clowns. 

Mardi 21 Septembre 2021

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