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[Paul Lismore] How to make yourself known if you are a koler lafis/useful idiot in the PTr

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 15 Octobre 2022

Some very easy steps that you can take in order to make yourself known for at least a day to the general public:

1/ Phone MorpIoN News, as they publish nothing but crap all day long, praising le jeune et dynamique one and his zombies.

2/ Tell them that you are leaving the PTr, even though the zourlanus has never heard of you and is probably saying to him/herself, "kisan la sa ggt la?".

3/ As soon as you say "Mo p kit parti travayis", the zourlanus will get very excited and start playing below stairs, as they say...

4/ Tell MorpIon News that " Mo p kit parti Travayis, parski pena oken lopportunite pou ban zeni, sorry jeunes kouma moi"..

5/ Say something nasty about Ramgoolam and you will be guaranteed a huge space on the front page....

6/ Once MorpIoN News has published, and too many people are laughing at you (they won't insult you because you are not important enough and they have never heard of you...)

7/ Within the hour, you ring the rest of the "free and independent" press and you tell them, " Menti sa! Mo pa p kite moi! Mo bien kontan PTr!"

8/ It does not matter if people are still laughing at you. Just turn around and take it like a man, as they say...At least now, people have heard your name, eh? And that was the whole point of the exercise.

9/ Go back to playing your role in the PTr...the same role and functions of a dildo that has no battery.

10/ As we know, a dildo with no battery is a symbol of hope for a future where you will be "buzzing" with excitement at the prospect of fitting into any hole that your leader makes for you...

Or a dildo without a battery could be a symbol of your political future (if ever you had one) being as dead as a dildo, sorry a dodo..

Samedi 15 Octobre 2022

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