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[Paul Lismore] How Pravind Jugnauth ought to spend his 10 days in the UK...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 3 Novembre 2021

And all at our expense, siouplai. First class travel everywhere, per diem of around Rs 35,000 every day, entertainment allowance of God knows how much, all sorts of other allowances that Le roi Jug gives to himself and which no one knows about, Lee Ki Shim in attendance for other 'expenses', Angus Govinden discussing with him future projects they have in mind dans l'interet superieur des Jugs, High Commissioner cousin there to ensure that every wish of the King is satisfied fully, etc.

Perhaps our "patriot" Prime minister will find the time to see how real democracies work and how Prime Ministers and governments are accountable to the population, and how the opposition has an essential role to play in a democracy. Perhaps, he watched

1/ Prime Minister's Question Time today in the House of Commons where the PM answers questions put to him, however embarrassing they might be, and does not give stupid, long winded, completely irrelevant answers that consumes most of PMQT.

2/ He would have seen how a truly independent and Honourable Speaker would interrupt the PM whenever he does not address the question put to him, and move on to the next question if the PM insists on acting silly.

3/ He could not have failed to notice how a real Speaker commands the respect of everyone in the House and does not suffer from deafness and blindness on one side, an incurable illness which our joke of a speaker suffers from.

4/ He would have been astonished at the way governments are held accountable by a whole series of Select Committees of MPs whose role is to ensure that taxpayers' money is well spent. In Mauritius, our parliamentarians believe that Select Committees are designed to pre select the tunes to be played when they are tucking into their 5* meals on the few occasions the National Assembly is open....

5/ He would have noticed that Mauritius is way ahead in terms of parliamentary sycophancy. He would have been shocked that not one dim witted back bencher has called Boris Johnson "the young and dynamic PM", an all too common occurrence in our National Assembly full of numpties....

There are many other things that he could have learnt, but eoula! Bizin al kass poz avek Lee Ki Shim, non? Et guetter kouma pou fer Champs de Mars vine Lee Ki Mars, non? Bizin manz ene bon steak Angus avek Govinden et dire li ki lepep sitan kontan nou PM ki li bizin donne li role akter dan so next film 5 sous...

After all, if Bollywood can create a wonderful film called Mughal E Azam, why can't Pravind Kumar play the leading role in Ti Cretin e Azam? Imagine our le roi and Lady Macbeth in the leading roles of Ti Cretin E Azam, the next blockbuster of Govinden....

Mercredi 3 Novembre 2021

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