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" Under this Government, with the MSM in the driving seat , having as slogan ‘moralité pas rempli ventre’ coined by its patriarch Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, you really need to be a turn coat to become His Master’s Voice."----Yatin Varma, 21st August 2018.

There is a fundamental principle in courtroom practice that dictates that a barrister never asks a client a question that he does not already know the answer to.

This is done for two reasons: a/ to bolster the evidence of the client and b/ to ensure that answers that are given are cogent, succinct, and address the issue without affording the other side the opportunity to breach that defence and exploit any avenues that a careless question may open up. 

Over many, many years, we have seen how asking the wrong question can make some people look more stupid than they already are; and how some politicians, barristers, and zourlanus have made statements so redolent with hypocrisy and humbug that one is left wondering how they can walk around with a straight face. In July 2007, Yatin Varma, a PTr MP, was asked about the number of legal advisers' posts currently occupied by him, and the amount of taxpayers' money going into his pockets as a result of this enterprise impregnated with dubious morality and a complete lack of propriety and decorum.

It would seem that Yatin was getting nearly Rs 40,000 per month on top of his not ungenerous monthly salary of Rs 33,775 as a member of our National Assembly. His justification for this unconscionable abuse of his political position? " Well, My Lord, I am a professional and I am only offering my services''.

This seems to me like the perfect defence for any prostitute caught offering her professional services, although I dare say hers may prove to be of a more pleasurable nature to individuals on the lookout for some excitement...He also believes that as zavoka members of the previous MMM/MSM government were busy filling their pockets in exactly the same immoral manner, and earning far greater amounts of money, we should let him get on with his business of shamelessly trawling for as many positions as possible, and all based entirely on the political status that we have given him. This example of perverse and intractable logic means that perhaps people convicted of one rape should in future use Dr Miko's multiple rapes as evidence in mitigation...  

The whole system of appointing legal advisers to useless parastatal organisations is so disgustingly incestuous as to constitute a serious offence under any new Sexual Offences Bill.

It seems to be part of the hidden, unspoken contract by the major political parties that election to power affords the winners the unrestricted right to enrich their people at our expense. You see it in all walks of public life: obscenely generous contracts of employment given to idiots to run our parastatal organisations are routinely condemned by the opposition until it comes to power, and then adds some even juicier clauses to the contracts of supporters with tongues more substantial than their brains.

Many people who consider simply waking up as the sum total of their daily work effort receive enormous salaries and expenses for being given the privilege to represent us abroad. The opposition constantly complains about promotions based on parental or party links until it is its turn to promote its own genetic throwbacks to positions of authority that are way beyond their pathetic abilities.  

If politicians really want to show us that everything is above board, why can't they insist that the whole thing is subjected to a rigid tendering process with value for money as its sole criterion? A much simpler solution would of course be to employ lawyers on a full time basis with a fixed salary....but that would save a lot of taxpayers' money, and politicians do not like doing this...

Back to the "eating your own shit" hobby of so many individuals on this island....The list extends from Rudy Veeramundar's gloriously insulting articles on Pravind Jugnauth, Ken Arian and his genetic throwback Nilen Sipakisamy's vociferous espousal of the "gouverner autrement" hypocritical nonsense, Bobok Hureeram's numerous insults towards the Jugs when he was in the PTr and then in Rama Valayden's Mouvement Republicain, Zouberrrrrr's long love affair with Berenger until Pravind Jugnauth dangled the tool of state land, corrupt pharmaceutical deals etc to him, Joe Lesjongard's numerous attacks on the Jugs when he left them to join the MMM, Ganoo, Lachanya, Obeedoobeedoo, Ramano, Subasatini, and so many others shitting copiously on the Jugs and then returning with a big spoon to eat what they had unceremoniously dropped on those individuals of La Caverne, etc etc.

Read the article from Yatin Varma of 2 years ago and then when you see him, please ask him, " Eski to gagne bon manz to kk kumsa?"

He said " Under this Government, with the MSM  in the driving seat , having as slogan ‘moralité pas rempli ventre’ coined by its patriarch Sir Aneerood Jugnauth, you really need to be a turn coat to become His Master’s Voice." 

He ought to know that only rats follow other rats into the sewer....

Samedi 30 Janvier 2021

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