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[Paul Lismore] FIU : 70 individuals who act as the best bhai looke in Mauritius

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 12 Avril 2023

[Paul Lismore] FIU : 70 individuals who act as the best bhai looke in Mauritius
Forget the police, ICAC or any of these organisations that make us laugh at their incompetence. The real power in the land now is an organisation that has been in existence under Section 9(2) of the Financial Intelligence and Anti Money Laundering Act, 2002, but which most of us had never heard of until Franklyn opened his big mouth and dug a big hole for himself. 

The Director is appointed by the President on the recommendation of the Prime Minister after "consultation" with the leader of the opposition. To all intents and purposes, the Director is nominated by the Prime Minister as he never takes any notice of the opposition's views and before the President says anything, he has shoved a big gato brinzel in his mouth...

The current Director, Mrs Carine Charlette-Katinic, was appointed on 17th March 2021. This is what she said about the powers of the FIU: "  nous sommes une FIU qui fait partie d’un réseau ayant une vaste connexion et qui est reliée au monde instantanément, cela 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7..... Il est important de mentionner que même le Board de la FIU n’est pas au courant des analyses et investigations que nous faisons .....Un bon exemple du travail que nous avons mené au cours des deux années à la FIU se reflète par la présence d’agents du FBI travaillant au sein même de la FIU, chez nous."

To the question, " Recueillez-vous des informations sur tout le monde ?", she answered, "  Tout le monde ! Mais vous devez être soupçonné de quelque chose pour que nous puissions vous surveiller. "  Which raises the obvious question: How come the 70 individuals at the FIU, including its Director, seem unaware of the Angus Road scandal, of the huge number of allegations of corruption by ministers and their nominees, of allegations from various sources of stolen money being laundered in Dubai especially, but also in other countries?

How come the FIU and its FBI people have never done anything about the Hawala business which apparently is thriving these days with such a vast amount of stolen money floating around? Do they need to take a trip to Grand Bassin and taste the venison before they investigate the lurid bribery allegations that everyone seems to be aware of except the FIU?

Carine Charlette-Katinic also volunteered this info, which made me wonder: How come an Australian that no one had heard of, who worked in the insurance business in Australia, suddenly found herself catapulted to the Directorship of the FIU in Mauritius? "  " Il y a cette idée à Maurice qu’il faut être connecté et avoir des liens ; moi je ne suis pas d’ici. J’ai accepté ce poste parce que je comprends l’importance de ce poste pour le pays et quelle est la responsabilité qui m’incombe pour diriger une telle organisation." 

So, I did a little research and guess what? She is related to the wife of the minister of Financial Services, Mahen Seeruttun! You might not be "d'ici", but you are related to a minister d'ici, non?

She has also apparently claimed that she went to Harvard University...I am afraid I have not seen any evidence of that at all! And yet it is on her CV, apparently...Perhaps her FBI colleagues could confirm...Despite not being "d'ici" as she asserted, I am afraid she suffers from a typical Mauritian illness: Spend a few days in Cambridge, get yourself snapped on a punt on the river Cam, and hey presto! You are a Cambridge alumnus! The less charitable amongst us call these pathetic individuals, the cunt in a punt...

Will she now understand why the Asset Recovery Act is being perceived as being abused by Pravind Jugnauth to target political opponents? Sherry Singh deserves all that he gets, but why is the FIU completely comatose when it comes to investigating the thieves in government? 

Franklyn and Sherry are easy targets. If you want to show the independence that you claim the FIU embodies, start investigating the politicians in power and their nominees...Perhaps then, we might concede that in this terrible world of sycophancy, arse licking, and turning a blind eye, you have at last begun to understand the true meaning of the word "independence"...Otherwise, you are just as "independent" as ICAC, the police, and all the other institutions we keep being asked to respect...

Mercredi 12 Avril 2023

1.Posté par Yaasin MPA le 12/04/2023 20:36
Only violence can take out these thieves governing us.

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