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[Paul Lismore] Drudeisha Madhub (Caullychurn) : Has anyone ever heard of her ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 26 Juillet 2022

No? Join the crowd then. I too have never heard of her, despite her being our Data Protection Commissioner since 2007! She apparently travels abroad a lot on these abominable things known as "missions", so she won't be short of a dollar or two with all those per diem for such sterling work in servi nou pays...

Someone should perhaps whisper in her ear: " Psssst! Ou in tand sa zafer sniffing la, capture sipaki? Ti pou bon si nou ena kiken ki pou protect our Data, non?" 

But don't expect any answer, because the woman apparently responds only with those stupid memes/ self serving/quite stupid sayings that seem to be de rigeur on Facebook these days. She is a member of numerous international organisations dealing with "Protection des Donnees Personelles, Global Privacy", bla bla bla. But has anyone ever heard her whimper even one word of concern over the large-scale infringement of our personal data by the bhai lookhes employed/sponsored by this renegade government? Not even one word? B ki kalite Data Protection Commissioner sa, alor?

Everyone is talking about sniffing/Data capture/ traffic internet snooping, etc by a foreign country, in a glaring breach of our national sovereignty. Is she concerned at all? She is an ex Senior State Counsel at the Attorney General's office, so one can confidently say that she knows a bit about the law...So, does her scandalous silence perhaps betray too much affinity with those in power and with la kwizinne?
After all, the Data Protection Act provides her with more than adequate powers to at least pretend to be doing something...For example, " an authorised (Data Protection) Officer may, on entering any premises a) request the owner or occupier to produce ANY document, record or data; b) examine any such document, record or data and take copies or extracts from them; c) request the owner of the premises entered into, any person employed by him, or any other person on the premises, to give to the authorised officer ALL reasonable assistance and to answer ALL reasonable questions, orally or in writing...... Furthermore, where any information requested by the authorised officer is stored in a computer, disc or cassette, or on microfilm, or preserved by any mechanical or electronic device, the person to whom the request is made must produce or give access to it in a form in which it can be taken away and in which it is visible and legible."

So, why is she the only person in all of Mauritius who does not have any opinion at all about the latest gross Bhai Lookhe adventure of Pi Ke Jugnauth? 

It is really quite inconceivable that the Data Protection Commissioner has absolutely nothing to say about the most serious breach of ALL of our data in our short history as an independent. sovereign nation. Kifer p paye li alor? Pou fer zoli sourire? Pou montrer ki li kondire ene Porsche? Pou ekrir ban ggtri amerdan lor so paz Facebook?

Li Data Protection Commissioner depi 2007? Parey kouma nou Electoral Commissioner sa, ki en fonction depi dernier siecle, et ki dan so vier zour p truv T Squares bien attractive....

Say something, you bloody woman! Have you no shame at all? Repeat your official title of Data PROTECTION Commissioner loudly to yourself, and then try to understand what the word "Protection" means..

Mardi 26 Juillet 2022

1.Posté par Uma Bucha le 27/07/2022 01:00
Alalila li meme sa!

2.Posté par David le 27/07/2022 22:38
These people are really nonsense

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