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[Paul Lismore] Competition commission report on pharmaceutical products: Lots of words but extortionate prices remains as before!

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 9 Juin 2021

Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! Kouma dimoune tander ki ban gro graines "p etidier dossier la", zot vreman koir ki ene gran pake pou kasser aprer... Eoula!

Look at these basic facts:

1/ Desmukh Kowlessur is the Executive Director of the Competition Commission, another useless government department created primarily for the minister's family of retards to get incredibly well paid jobs with mad privileges, all at the expense of the taxpayer.

2/ You all know Sanjiv Ramdanee, the personification of nauseating arrogance who loves to photo bomb the pics of film stars as if to prove to us that in the world of cunts, he remains stubbornly at the top. He and his sister, the gorgeous Lady Macbeth, now own the family firm of pharmaceutical imports that created their family's fortunes. 

3/ Desmukh Kowlessur is the brother of Sanjiv Ramdanee's wife. Of course, Kowlessur got the job on merit, same as the army of retards from la cuisine festering and suppurating our institutions with their incredible incompetence and greed.

Unless you live on another planet, you would expect the Competition Competition to ''investigate la compétition sur le marché pharmaceutique à Maurice" and to come up with nothing but meaningless generalities, and opinions that confirm the belief of cynics and realists that when it comes to stating the bleeding obvious, our " etudiants des dossiers" are champions of the world. I won't bore you with the details, but you can rest assured that nothing, absolutely nothing will change after this 'investigation'. 

In other words, the price of medicines will remain criminally exorbitant, the poor will continue to have to decide whether to cut down on food in order to buy their medicines, and some arrogant bastards will get richer and richer whilst feeding on the emaciated bones of the sick and the poor. 

No wonder some of them use so much powder in order to conceal the guilt that any ordinary human being would feel when exploiting misery in such a callous and profiteering manner....

Well done, bonoy Desmukh...A lovely Bandeja Paisa awaits you when you next visit...(Bandeja Paisa is the national dish of Colombia, which apparently tastes better when some powder is sprinkled over it...)

Mercredi 9 Juin 2021

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