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[Paul Lismore] Can Rama Sithanen share his hallucinogenic drugs with us please ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 3 Avril 2022

He must have been on drugs, surely. Otherwise, no sane person could possibly have come up with his crazy, insanely stupid "government of National Unity", unless he was floating in La La land and getting messages from the trees, the birds, and the clouds....

Having said that, his "graduation" from ex Minister to his current status of "gogotologue" so beloved of our less than credible radio stations, gives him an automatic right to say anything stupid, and the zourlanus "interviewing" him will give the impression of creaming themselves in ecstasy that such a genius is within breathing distance of them...Oh for the day when at least one journalist has the courage, shrewdness, and perspicacity to tell any politician spouting nonsense, "Aret koz kk, do!"....

Let us look at his master plan for Mauritius, with a government still led by a ti cretin primarily responsible for the economic and social mess we find ourselves in.

Let us imbibe a bit of his Holy Smoke and accept for one moment that Pravind Jugnauth is the best choice for Prime Minister in his government of national unity. But the masterplan allows for 7 opposition MLAs to replace 7 current ministers. Will Padaleksi, Ganoo, Obeedoobeedoo, Seeruttun, Ramano, Leela Lipala, and old pussy face Gobin meekly accept to be replaced by the "enemy" and thereby lose the enormous salaries, privileges, and entitlements that they don't deserve? Will their little army of chatwas accept that the tree that bore them their fruits will now be chopped down?Or will they use the magic number of 7, resign from the MSM, and therefore trigger new elections due to the absence of a majority?

Can you hear those going to be replaced already shouting, " Bizin kon sant Kookoorikoo pou ressi res kom ministre dan sa ggt pays la, meme kan fan kk partou?" Of course, they will be referring to the worst minister in our history, Jagutpal...But not only him. What about the absolutely useless woman, Fazila Jeewa-Daureeawoo, who had the temerity to call herself Vice Prime Minister of these islands and who has been as useful as a concrete parachute or as a knitted condom? What about Zis zat zoz Husnoo? Even when you can understand him in the very odd moment when he talks clearly, you know that only shit will flow out of that mouth..

They are bound to say, " Eoula! Bizin met meme lamoresse zoranz tou les zours et preside degringolaz nou football ki met nou parmi ban pays pli pire dan le monde? Bizin get tou nou sports dan bez kumsa? Tous Sein konne soucee pli bien ki nou li? Bobok Hureeram, pena pli gran bobok ki li, alor laisse li kom ministre? Balgobin, Maudhoo, Teefuck, Hurdoyal etc etc, ban exanp ki prouver ki meme kan fail sixieme, boukou la porte ouver kan konne soucee?

You see what I am getting at? Why is Sithanen's idea not even half baked but completely raw? How can a government of National Unity, according to his choices, survive even one day in office? And where is the rationale in leaving absolutely terrible ministers in posts but removing the senior members (though equally useless..) of the current cabinet?

More to the point: I can't ever see Ramgoolam being President to the man who had him locked up and threw 12 stupid charges against him. I can't see Berenger being Deputy PM to the chap he refers fondly as ti cretin. I can't see Boolell, Uteem, Mohamed, Gungapersad willing to be colleagues with a bunch of incompetent, arrogant fools.

The only reasons I can find for Sithanen's flight of fantasy are these:
1/ Our gogotologues have a natural instinct for talking shit and pretending that it is a bouquet of fragrant roses that is being presented to us. 2/ All politicians have massive egos and Sithanen's ego cannot cope with remaining unnoticed for too long...3/ It is this hunger for recognition that possibly convinced him to believe that a desperate Pravind Jugnauth would welcome his idea of a government of national unity....and in return will make him Special adviser or whatever stupid posts our PMs are fond of creating for their idiots.

Sithanen's idea is so stupid that it begs the opposition, and us, to believe what is clearly unpalatable to most decent people: that we should let the thieves get away with it, count their billions in peace, and we should instead join them and share some cocktails with them...

Sithanen has left Teefuck in his new government of national unity, so I suppose there will be no shortage of either cocks or tails when he is around...

[Paul Lismore] Can Rama Sithanen share his hallucinogenic drugs with us please ?

Dimanche 3 Avril 2022

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