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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 6 Juin 2021

I wrote about that cesspit known as the MBC a fortnight ago, and clearly mentioned the names of some parasites stealing our monthly Rs 150 in order to give themselves the good life that their mediocre skills and skunk-like personalities do not deserve at all.

In particular, I asked these questions about a Vishal Bagah, very close friend of Anooj the idiot and therefore beneficiary of all sorts of allowances that squarely fall under the category of Fraud:

" 1/ Has Vishal Bagah, a driver apparently very close to Anooj the idiot, been given a NHDC house at Camps de Masque even though he lives in New Grove AND already owns a house? Does this tally with the Prime Minister's desire to help the genuinely homeless?

2/ Does he use the NHDC House simply for parties and good time girls?

3/ Why hasn't ICAC or NHDC responded to the complaints of the neighbours? Akoz li nou bann?

4/ Has the driver been using the relationship between Anooj the idiot and Pravind Jugnauth to scare the neighbours who complained about him?"

I am pleasantly surprised to see that "Week End" has written about this today, albeit a fortnight after they read the details on my Facebook page, and without mentioning the names of the fraudster and his "friend", Anooj the idiot. I am not in the least bit surprised that the Go Nad of L'Express and the mercenaries at Defi Minus continue to ignore good news items on the rather childish basis that they come from me....

They resent me for calling most of them "zourlanus", which of course they are.... assuming our anal orifices do not feel insulted at being compared with real arseholes...

I am not at all surprised that our useless opposition continues to favour long, weekly, incredibly boring press conferences, instead of asking questions about real issues. I cannot remember the last time or the year when these "Honourable" people last asked a question about the most obscene organisation funded entirely by taxpayers and known as the MBC.

Either they are masochists and love the way Anooj the idiot treats them with absolute contempt....Or they are relishing the time when they regain power, and they too will turn OUR MBC into their brothel where pimps and sluts thrive, and real news and objective analyses are things that mercenaries simply do not understand..

This is the post I wrote a fortnight ago and which forms the basis of the article in Week End...:

Dimanche 6 Juin 2021

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