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[Paul Lismore] Anooj the idiot: The number one example of mediocrity rewarded by a government of thieves and shysters

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 29 Juillet 2021

How stupid are you, Pravind Kumar Jugnauth? Has science developed any instrument yet that could measure the deep abyss of your quite stupefying stupidity?

You really have to be an absolute nincompoop, a laughable lummox to appoint so many  idiots in positions of authority and responsibility. Look around you, and if you can find one institution, any institution that is being well managed by any one of your hundreds of nominees, please let us know.

You can start off with your PMO, and perhaps you could indicate to us any one of those highly paid imbeciles who claim to be "advising" you but who badly need a crash course in common sense and savoir faire...

Let us look at the most obscene stain on our landscape, the idiot known as Anooj. Here is his CV which you, being the cretin that you really are, considered as eminent qualifications for him to be the Director General of that pestilential curse known as the MBC:

He graduated with a SC grade 3 from Eden College to become a labourer in tea fields in 1982, and then became a salesman at Bombay Stores in Vacoas in 1983. In 1984, he became Storekeeper at Mandarin Hotel, Floreal, where the contents of the stores looked so irresistible that he stole several bottles of whisky and wine. Police Sergeant Ungkoor and Inspector Rene found sufficient evidence to charge him and he was apparently sent to prison. Please note that those were the days when the police did not need some arsehole from the PMO telling them what to do, and they simply got on with the job....Unlike today where the rarest sight in Mauritius is the one where the tongue of any senior police officer is not seen licking your arse and telling you how good that is...

So, Prime Minister, do tell us if you know of any country in the world, even the most corrupt one (and Mauritius is racing fast to get that title under your premiership....) which would have an imbecile like Anooj the idiot as the Director of our National TV and radio station. How come he is the only individual who does not have to present his "certificat de moralite" in order to get a job in the public sector?

You have been made aware of various allegations of impropriety made against him, and if you choose to play your stupid card of " I can't remember" or " I can't recall", ask another one of your scandalous nominees, the nitwit in charge of ICAC, to brief you on the number of complaints on Anooj ki li p eitidier...
Let me then give you something where it would be impossible for even you to claim " Mo pa rapel", " Mo in blier", "Pa moi sa", etc: Today, you received a letter from "La redaction de la MBC dans son ensemble" which talks about the letter of November 2017 addressed to you and which told you how your batter battri so called adviser, Rudy Veeramundar, was interfering with editorial matters at the MBC, amongst many other sins. There is only one copy of that letter, and it was securely kept in MBC Archives. Guess who had access to it and then used it because as he said, " Mo bizin lave mo lonneur...PM in dire li pa ingere dan MBC li...Eski li in pense mwa li? Li ti bien kontan kan MBC ti passe sa ban videos la. Moi oussi mo bizin defan moi". 

The letter also says that Anooj the idiot pretends to be your friend, and spends his time 'proving' to the staff how close he is to la cuisine by showing them messages where Rudy Rude Boy, Ken Arianus, and others are telling him what should go in le journal.. But then you should know that already, as I have mentioned it several times in the past....

Anyway, you know what is in the letter and in previous letters of complaint. What are you going to do? Get rid of Anooj the idiot, as you should do if you have any sense? Or keep him because you fear he can blackmail you with his recordings of  his numerous conversations with you and those who hover around you? And act paralysed when he forces his "journalists" and management to sign yet another petition to you to tell you how wonderful he is...

A decent, clever, responsible Prime Minister would know what to do straightaway....A ti cretin will simply let things continue as they are, and marvel that on his own, he has managed to mediocritise all the institutions of a whole island...

Anooj the idiot remains by far the symbol of unparalleled mediocrity in Mauritius. And a Prime Minister who tolerates that level of mediocrity tells you all that you need to know about his own level of competence

Jeudi 29 Juillet 2021

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