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[Paul Lismore] Ala nou mort ! Privy Council finds against this crazy government in Betamax case !

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 14 Juin 2021

Another Rs 5 billions down the drain, primarily because of the stupidity and arrogance of the politicians in power since 2014.
They are lucky! If the case of Dawood Rawat had been heard by an international Tribunal based in Europe, many billions of rupees would have had to be paid in compensation. The theft of Dawood Rawat's assets and the subsequent sharing between the thieves and their families remains by far the worst example of how a government of thieves and amoral arseholes can behave in a far more despicable manner than the worst psychopath waiting for his next victim...
As for the Supreme Court and our Chief Judge, you make up your own opinion. Mine was made when we saw how they treated the electoral petitions...All that I can say is that our "democracy" is in severe danger when there is a perception that the judiciary's role is merely to support the government and to find all sorts of quite stupid justifications for its extremist positions.
Mauritians cling on to this naive and rather charming belief that our judges/magistrates are wonderful people who will always pronounce verdicts based on the facts in front of them, that all our lawyers/solicitors/notaries etc are people of probity who will work hard for the huge amounts of money we give them, that no secret deals are made, that no judicial palms are ever greased, that no judge is under the control of our politicians, etc etc. Keep dreaming

Betamax Ltd (Appellant) v State Trading Corporation (Respondent) (Mauritius). On appeal from the Supreme Court of Mauritius

Lundi 14 Juin 2021

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