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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 21 Février 2021

"It's Like Finding A Needle In A Stack Of Needles."----Saving Private Ryan, 1998.

Everything must be done to extricate a ti cretin from the mess created by his greed and stupidity, and whose sense of patriotism is summarised thus: How much can I and my goons steal from the public?

Covid has been a disaster for the economy of the world, but also an incredible opportunity for thugs and assorted arseholes to steal from us, whilst pretending to buy all the material needed to safeguard our health. 

It has taken ICAC and the police almost a year to understand what the Mauritian public knew straightaway: that this was grand larceny on a scale rarely seen before, where Rs 1.4 billions of our money was frittered away (at least what has been revealed so far, although the figure could be much higher...) and found its way into the pockets of those least qualified in pharmaceutical products and in proper business ethics.

Who chaired the Committee to make this Grand Larceny possible?

None other than our Great Patriot, the so called destroyer of the kidneys of major drugs dealers who unfortunately love taking selfies with him, the idiot who mistakes the House of God for a lorry for making political speeches as crass as any you could possibly hear, the little boy who envies his rival Navin's apparent success with women too keen to drop their knickers for the PM of the day, the tinpot dictator whose repertoire of 'killer' political statements run from " nou bizin respekter nou institutions", to " nou viv dan ene etat de droit", to " Mo pa pou laisse personne detruire nou larmoni social"---when he allows the trolls created by his lovely Sherry to post all sorts of nasty, racist stuff every day.

Evidaman, et bien sure, aster bizin fer tou pou sauve le Private Pravin. But it is an almost impossible task, because his range of misdemeanours makes the task as difficult as trying to find that particular needle in a stack of needles.

ICAC has found an ingenious way to stop the thieves from spilling the beans in either the Inquiry at Moka or the private prosecution case: Charge them with a stupid offence, an offence that makes no sense at all, and which means they will be found not guilty, but in the meantime, nothing will happen in the next 2-3 years (if not longer) it will take for the courts to deal with these cases. Malin, ein? Charge them and they cannot then give any evidence at the two courts, because everyone has a right not to incriminate themselves...

This week, Jangi will follow the examples of ICAC and will "interview" and then charge Yogida Sawmynaden with either swindling or abusing his authority...Which means that he will not have to answer any questions relating to the murder of Kistnen or the fake Constituency Clerk position for Kistnen's wife. Sorry Avengers, but the daily press briefings outside Moka or the Port Louis Courts will now be a thing of the past....unless if you want to continue your excellent work with positive action in the case of Kannakiah's murder.

When everything needs to be done to save Private Pravind, he knows he can rely on his faithful dogs at ICAC and the police to protect his backside...

Dimanche 21 Février 2021

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