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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 13 Mai 2019

"Destiny is a good thing to accept when it's going your way. When it isn't, don't call it destiny; call it injustice, treachery, or simple bad luck."-- Joseph Heller

It is completely wrong, and even callous, to consider Bibi Nusayhah Hingah as one of destiny's cruel twists of fate; what she has endured is nothing but injustice, and treachery by the very people employed by us at great expense to look after the interests and future of our children: The Ministry of Education, the Mauritius Examinations Syndicate (MES), and a government obsessed with turning our own money and debts into electoral bribes and cash for votes.

Only in Mauritius can the natural order of things be turned upside down and people consider it as part and parcel of our daily lives:

How can someone who has worked hard, foregone all the teenage pleasures of life that too many overindulge in to the detriment of their future prospects, given of her best, supported by her parents, come 36th in her HSC exams, and still be considered unworthy of a scholarship because the one that came 37th somehow managed to leapfrog her and obtained the scholarship that was due to her? How is that possible?

No wonder the economy of this country is fucked when those at the helm see nothing wrong with the numerical distortion of 37th being ahead of 36th!
The decision of the MES and the Education minister to do nothing about this clear injustice has now compelled Bibi Hungah to issue an affidavit asking for a judicial review of the nonsensical decision of the MES on the grounds that it is " unreasonable, unfair, and in breach of the rules of natural justice".

It is even worse than that as it symbolises all that is wrong with this country: people have lost the desire and the will to protest even when faced with the most horrendous examples of injustice and mismanagement. But if Liverpool had been proclaimed as champions despite coming second, ti pou ena riots dan sa ggt pays la!

The only decent thing to have come out of this scandal is the enduring friendship between Bibi Hungah (36th) and Rabia Ibrahim Bahemia(37). Despite being at the centre of this controversy, those two young girls have remained the friends they were when competing for the scholarships at the QEC.

A reminder to the corrupt, adult citizens of this island that many young people do have a better concept of propriety, decency, and friendship than the fossils running our institutions.

The logical solution to this rather insalubrious state of affairs is for the government to rectify this injustice and to award a scholarship to both Bibi Hungah and to Rabia Bahemia : in this way, one wrong can be easily righted in one case and the pleasure and satisfaction of being proclaimed laureate will not be removed from the other.

I can see some reaction already: kisan la pou paye sa? When you, the taxpayer, can afford to let an idiot like Ken Arian travel to New York for a nonsensical mission that cost you Rs 1 million in fares and per diem, which is the price for one year of a degree study in the UK, and you say nothing, you will complain about this?

I also note that our 'free and independent' press is quick to shout its mouth off, but very loathe to dip into its own massive profits in order to help resolve scandals of this nature....Perhaps it needs to be reminded of CSR and the huge handouts from the taxpayer in terms of massive reductions in Capital Gains Tax and other freebies.

Lundi 13 Mai 2019

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