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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 19 Mai 2020

" If you would not step into the harlot's house, do not go by the harlot's door."---Thomas Secker

Our political parties are like brothels: anyone can come in, have a good time, and when it looks like you no longer enjoy the surroundings, you move on to the next brothel where the harlots will welcome you with open arms.

If that does not live up to your expectations, you either find another brothel where the chief harlot will praise you for your wisdom and vision in becoming a regular client at his brothel, or you return to the original brothel where you now are not just a paying customer hoping for benefits in the future, but you also try to become the chief macro and loudly praise the same brothel owner you were insulting not too long ago.

Some of the clients of course do the journey from brothel A to brothel B and brothel C quite effortlessly, and if that does not work, they stupidly decide to open their own brothel, which every one knows will not attract enough clients. People like Bunwaree, Anil Gayan, Fu Manchu of ICTA, and many others fall into this category.

The PTr and the MMM remain the two brothels which have lost many of their clients, only to see several of them come crawling back, with their tails between their legs, and once again hoping to get the rewards that all political harlots expect for their 'services'.

The MSM is the only brothel to have kept the vast majority of its clients simply because with the huge resources of the Sun Trust, it knows how to reward its clients in order to make sure they keep coming back for more delights from la cuisine...

On the fringes of these brothels, on dark street corners, you have real arseholes pretending to serve God, and who will use their ethnicity in order to fool like minded idiots that they are the ones who will defend their God against an imaginary enemy.

Hindus have been cursed with suppurating haemorrhoids like Dulthaidiot, and also quite a number of little groups led usually by someone doing his best to look tough but who obviously could not find his way out of a wet paper bag; Muslims have so called "Paradise seekers", people like Javed Moioussi with a face that only a blind mother could possibly like; or the pseudo intellectual ones who are more concerned about what is in it for them than in pleasing God.

Tamils have decided that they form a separate group to Hindus, and have various saffron clad buffoons ready to kindle any spark of racism lying somewhere in the subconscious. They have been the most successful brothel visitors so far, because a simple glance at the huge number of them in senior positions in the government tells you that their usual loud protest of "racism" or "fanatik" is not a gun but a water pistol used to prevent people from seeing the actual reality.

The Chinese do their things quietly as long as enough of them are allowed to visit the brothel...which they do very quietly. The Whites, esp the super rich, do not need God, but finance the macros in these socio cultural orgs to spread the word that "their" God is under attack; this makes large numbers of people from these ethnic groups band together, and that makes room for the 'mots d'ordre" to be given by the chief macros for people to vote.

The end result? It does not matter which party or combination of parties win the elections, because as night follows day, so will the status quo ensuring that the super rich will get even richer, the poor will get even poorer, but will have only God to comfort them in their poverty... because the Chief macros would have scarpered once the results have been declared, and they have grabbed their share of the loot from the brothel.

We now come to the one who I labelled the "All singing All Dancing" priest many years ago, Gregoire.

I refuse to add the prefix "Pere" before his name simply because he ain't no father of mine and he most certainly has not behaved with the same intelligence and decency as Monsignor Piat or Jean Maurice Labour, for example. Here is someone who, with a less selfish attitude and without the delusions of grandeur that seems to control every word he utters, could have done hell of a lot for the Creole community he claims to support and defend.

Instead, the singing, dancing tart condescends to turn up once a year in order to hold concerts/prayer sessions where the only thing that an objective observer would notice and say is this: " Sa laz la li bouz so fesse kumsa? Li pa pou gagne arthritis sa?"

Yes, the once a year extravaganza where a so called priest lulls thousands of mostly poor people into a false serenade of hope and optimism, and having done so, fucks off back to the USA where he has a wonderful life, thank you very much.

But before he returns to his home in the USA, the political harlot masquerading as a priest will tell his audience which party to vote for. As usual, his delusion of grandeur forces him to give this 'mot d'ordre' in a convoluted manner, presumably to show his followers how intelligent he is. At one time, the harlot told his congregation to "Vote avek ou Leker", a barely coded message for people to vote for the MMM.

But, as you know, a harlot has more than one client, so in the last elections, Macro Twinkle Toes asked people to change brothels and to vote for the MSM. He did even better this time by ensuring that 2 of his eminently forgettable 'candidates'' obtained tickets; only one was elected and I shall let you guess which way she voted recently in the amendments that will make all our lives difficult, but especially those who are the poorest, the Creoles. Ala kouma the all singing all dancing priest p la guerre pou ban creoles"...

His massive ego was sufficiently pricked when Arvin Boolell asked " Kot Gregoire?" and the poor man's showman had to make his voice heard. But this time and as usual, he opened his mouth to say absolutely nothing, the prime example of someone who kozer pou la guele pa senti pi.

He claims he could not comment on the Covid 19 amendments/bill because despite the massive intelligence that he thinks he possesses, he apparently could not understand the amendments completely, despite every one else considering them to be hugely repressive and dictatorial. Instead of the icing on the cake, he dropped a huge turd on it by exclaiming that " Si j’avais commenté on aurait dit que je suis de tel ou tel parti. Mo prefer gard mo vision. » Eoula! Tou dimoune koner ki to dan fesse ban Jugnauths depi 2014, alor arete amene role pitin ar nou!" "Vision"? Does that come in rupees or US dollars?

So, unless if you are irredeemably stupid and your brain cells no longer work, you will steer clear of those hypocrites masquerading as God's representatives on earth. They are, by and large, unprincipled thugs out for only one thing: Which brothel will pay them more? Ar kisan la zot pou donne fesse pou plis pitaye?

That is what God really means to these arseholes: a convenient means to fool the gullible, the dumb, the latent fanatics, the serial masturbators with a huge chunk missing out of their miserable lives. Those socio cultural harlots will prey on them like vultures, knowing full well that the brothel keepers and their paymasters will reward them handsomely.

Perhaps Monsignor Piat ought to consider whether a harlot dressed as a priest is not bringing the Church into disrepute...and whether it is time to defrock him. He has fooled too many creoles on too many occasions. 

When someone preys on the poor and the weak like this, it is time for the Church to tell him " Dance and sing if you wish. Join any brothel that you wish. But you will no longer be allowed to preach. Because Catechism does not allow you to exploit the poor for your own benefit". 

No one forced Gregoire to open the harlot's door. He chose to do it and to become a political harlot. Service to God has become to him service to Berenger at one time, and now to the Jugnauths.... and that can never be right for any self respecting priest.

Mardi 19 Mai 2020

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