[LPJ] Stop Boobing me on social Media !

Rédigé par LPJ le Mardi 14 Août 2018

Hey beautiful lady! Sup? Yes, you! Well, we don’t really know each other but we still do. Sounds weird. I see you on Facebook, heart your pictures on Instagram and scroll through your snapchat photos and from that I can say that I kind of know who you are.

[LPJ] Stop Boobing me on social Media !
You’re smart, strong, sweet and sassy. You love trail and Sppoky, your beautiful cat. You’re a foodie and you enjoy cooking and sharing good recipes. You’re young mothers, new wives, struggling college students, happily single, or fighting to get by every day. You read and you sing, you work and you travel. You like weird music and popular TV shows. 

You’re political think tanks, champions, outstanding photographers, the next female leader our country needs so badly and you do amazing things that just enchant me and others. We are not friends yet but you are the girls I would want to be friends with.

You are all of these things, and yet, as someone who follows you, sees you, and notices you, I sometimes get a little discouraged at some of the things you post. You take lots of selfies and share them. I only mind that a little. I’m very guilty of taking selfies, too. You wear nice clothes and put on nice makeup and have nice hair, and yeah, I sometimes compare, but I don’t hold it against you. 

What I notice goes beyond that... you have stopped sharing your travel experiences, your adventures and your life with and, instead you have been flooding my wall with pictures of your cleavage that fill the whole frame and have captions like: “IgearMauritius”.

You’ve stopped sharing inspirational quote, ones that speak to everyone, regardless of size or color, and instead share pictures of your lips and your eyelashes with something like “Live life to the fullest! Dream big!” beneath it. It’s not a huge deal, but it makes me confused. It’s very indicative of a bigger issue I see girls of all backgrounds struggling with right now: the need to be physically admired.

What’s in showing off your body on social media? Girl, you are more than your body! For the sake of the rest of us and the future of us, stop acting like you aren’t. I don’t want to see your boobs or butt all the time. Your ass is definitely more toned than mine and I am so happy for you. But all I want to see is how happily you’re living your life. I want to see you accept yourself and rather kicking butt on that insecurity you struggle with. I don’t want to see you change the angle of your photographs. I want to see you change the world.

You are not something to be consumed by other people. You are a smart woman, and your beauty is not your boobs and your toned ass. So please. Take that selfie. Celebrate your body. Don’t think I’m asking you not to. But Please stop objectifying us. My message is for all of us, but particularly for the girls who have built a virtual art museum around their anatomy, for the girls who are obsesses over the slope of their chest and distance between their hips, for the girls who publicize their body parts on social media to a crowd of bored and constantly horny audience to who they are seeking approval. 

Many of you push the edge, fed by the hunger of “likes”. STOP! Because when you do this, other girls do it too, and you give the world permission to keep treating us all like we’re only as good as the skin we expose and the bodies we show off. Please keep you ass in your panty. Place the boobs properly in the bra and show us your beautiful face with out without filter! Though I would prefer only my coffee filtered.

A propos de l'auteur : 
"If we can’t say something nice, say it in French, I once read. Well, I wish! I’m no philosopher, not even a writer, just a mother and a hustling entrepreneur. I will be sharing short stories regularly which I hope will make some room for some ‘good thinking’. I know some will talk about my writings, others will make fun on my take on life and my friends will say that it is nice. But, since life is not a dress rehearsal, the curtain is up, the tickets are sold, I accept to take all the shots. Whether you are wandering, surviving, criticizing or discovering, I hope that you learn from my mistakes, and may it puts a smile on your face along the way. 
p.s. I speak for myself."

Mardi 14 Août 2018