Communiqué of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre

le Dimanche 9 Décembre 2018

Communiqué of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Centre issued at 2240 hrs on Sunday, 09 December, 2018.

At 2215 hrs today, the MMS in a special communiqué highlighted that moderate to 
local heavy showers with thunderstorms are being observed over the northern part of
the island.

These thundery showers will gradually spread to other sectors.
The NEOC is following the situation very closely with the Police, the SMF and the 

Public is requested to exert vigilance during the rainfall as there may be water 
accumulation in certain regions.

The NDRRMC strongly advises the public to follow the instructions below:

- Road users have to be cautious as there may be foggy patches, water 
accumulations on roads, radiers and over flooded bridges;

- Stay indoors during thunderstorms and if outdoor, avoid sheltering under 
trees or tall structures and avoid venturing on plains, hills and mountains;

- Ensure that electric devices are disconnected;

- Do not venture in risky areas such as riverbanks, streams and areas prone to 

- Stay away from landslide affected regions or areas prone to mudflows, 
rockfalls and slope failures;

- Avoid parking vehicles in drains, near riverbanks, streams and flood prone 

- Avoid going out at sea for any activity;

Therefore, the NDRRMC appeals to the public to exercise caution and strictly follow 
instructions from concerned authorities.


Dimanche 9 Décembre 2018

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