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" Extremism can flourish only in an environment where basic governmental social responsibility for the welfare of the people is neglected. Political dictatorship and social hopelessness create the desperation that fuels religious extremism"---- Benazir Bhutto

Imagine this scenario: The head of the Assemblee de Dieu/Evangelical groups, someone called George Leste and some cronies visit the leaders of a main political party in late 2014 and prays with them for their victory at the forthcoming general elections.

God has apparently blessed them, but not without the massive help of a Lepep Kouyon swayed by a third rate video and outlandish promises to 'nettoye pays', and the party wins the general elections. What is the payback for this magnificent example of 'Divine' intervention, esp when done through the help of someone who believes that God talks to him?

Yes, you have guessed right...."Recognise our 'religion' and let us have oodles of taxpayers' money, and all sorts of insane fiscal privileges", same as the hypocrites in other religions obtain from us for them to spend as they wish. This is what happened at La Caverne in 2014 and now it is payback time. 

Pravin Jugnauth's gesture is yet another desperate scramble for any vote that his MSM can obtain at the next elections, because he knows full well the terrible destiny that awaits him and the whole of la cuisine should he lose, especially if the winners turn out to be Navin Ramgoolam and his PTr.

Hell hath no fury like a political leader who has been jailed by his opponent and who now finds himself back in power to face his jailers, to paraphrase William Congreve's quotation in "The Mourning Bride"....

I notice the loud voices by a group of people asking for a 'recensement', buoyed up with the delusion that the substantial number of Hindus (which of course includes Tamils, Telegus, Marathis, etc despite what some fanatical loudmouths would have you believe...) who have 'converted' and seen the light that these new churches will supposedly shine on them.

Apparently, the delusion extends to the wishful thinking that if the so called 'majority' community is no longer the majority in terms of numbers, then all will be well in the best of all possible worlds, and 'communalism' will henceforth be a thing of the past...

This sort of nonsense is being propagated by the worst communalists and racists amongst us, including Zaza and his PMSD which remains the only party to have adopted a crude racist slogan in its quest to obtain power in our history.

Remember the campaign of 'malbar nou pa oule' 'langouti nou pa ouler' , 'enveloper nou pa ouler'? Substitute the word 'malbar' with that of any other ethnic group and can you imagine the reaction? "A nou krazer" would have been the response followed by a heavy squirt of petrol by our lovely zourlanus on the raging flames of ethnic strife..

There are two groups of individuals who are responsible for this continuing decimation of the Hindu population, and they are the socio cultural thieving bastards who claim to represent all Hindus but who only represent themselves and their wallets, and cowardly, selfish politicians who proclaim to be Hindus but who have done next to nothing for that segment of the population that constitutes the poor, neglected Hindus.

Of course, there are some well off, 'educated' Hindus who have also converted, like the Judge mentioned in the title, but then if you always behave as if you have got a big stick up your arse, you will always try to look for salvation from any group of charlatans which promises you the magic of God through their special and direct contact with the Almighty.

I have always wondered how these individuals who may have said daily prayers for decades to Krishna, Shiva,Muruga, etc in the past file these deities in the drawer marked 'oblivion', and suddenly start singing praises to Jesus, or how these people call Him, Zezi. If they truly believe that God blesses and punishes in equal measure, aren't they worried about the wrath of the Hindu Gods for deserting them? Haha!

Here, I wish to salute the exemplary solidarity of the Muslims towards each other, a sense of brotherhood that ensures that hardly any Muslim ever converts, and those who do will end up being ostracised.

Of course, such solidarity always carries the danger of verging into fanaticism and extremism, and that has to be always deplored. And it is glaringly obvious that the Assemblee de Dieu steers clear of any attempt to try to convert any Muslim, because it knows and exploits only the soft ground of Mauritian society, and refuses to venture in areas where they are likely to get a cou pied dan tonkin if they try to convert/brainwash people...

It is well known that 'missionaries' work best in an environment that has a lot of poor people in a moderately peaceful society. When so called Hindu representatives are only worried about their fucking duty free cars or how much of our money the government will grant them, and show absolutely no concern whatsoever for poor Hindus, is it any wonder that so many have converted through either a sense of desperation, money, a God that listens to them (apparently) and the camaraderie and sense of brotherhood that they feel at the gatherings of Assemblee de Dieu, etc?

Do the 'lower' castes have to subsist on the rare generosity of those who believe that their shit smells extra nice whilst at the same time enduring their insults and barbaric attitudes towards fellow human beings supposedly sharing the same faith?

Let us get to the nitty gritty of matters, the things that arseholes like Dulthaidiot, or the idiot who has replaced him and wears ill fitting suits, the VoH, and all sorts of crap Hindu organisations have tolerated and in fact encouraged for years; the things that matter to all families, esp the poor ones trying to cope with difficult circumstances.

Fundamentally the Hindu 'religious' guys  have to accept their responsibilities for failing to motivate Hindus ... instead they have scared the Hindus with a lot of money making nonsense. Here are a few examples of extortion by so called pandits, and ask yourself how a poor Hindu family can afford such extravagant expenditure which is undeclared income for those pandits:

1/ Bereavement prayers: you won't see much change out of Rs 40,000 for the pandit.

2/ Wedding ceremony with its safran/tilak/wedding itself: Rs 25,000 for the Vedic rituals or Rs 50,000 for the Puranic ones.

3/ Some Pandits have branched out and do the catering too, with their little army of waiters and cuisiniers.

4/ The real charlatans will take your money to 'guette la main' (always wanted to do this after having had a good shit and leaving a few remnants on my fingers and then letting the pandit hold my hand to 'guette mo lavenir"....)

5/ Special pouja pou tifi gagne bon garcon...

6/ " " "     "     "     "     garcon gagne bon tifi...

7/ Desperate wives paying good money to the Pandit pou ki missier pa pran maîtresse.

8/ Some Pandits (same as some Priests and Imams, by the way...) demanding sexual favours in return for saying prayers to keep the husband on the straight and narrow. Many of course have their demands met, parski c Bon Dier ki p kominiker avek ban madam la, pa pandit la....haha!

1-8 of course serves as ready made excuses for pandits to make a fortune despite many of them being sixieme fail.

Now, compare and contrast with what L'assemblee de Dieu offers its adherents:

Free weddings, free funerals (except for the casket), free almost everything else. And the company and sense of brotherhood that these people will get in their new religion instead of some derisory nonsense from Hindu priests to explain their poverty as " In your previous life you must have done wrong. Never mind, keep praying and you will have everything in your next life".

One cannot really blame L'Assemblee de Dieu etc for demanding official recognition. They have filled a huge vacuum within not just the Hindu community but also in the Creole community where the poor have been woefully neglected by the established Churches and by those Creoles who have done extremely well through sucking their blood as their 'representatives'.

The only people that can be blamed are the so called representatives of those communities who are nothing but acquisitive, selfish, ignorant bastards. As the Bob Dylan song goes, "When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose" and if a new Church offers you the salvation that your own people have denied you, what can one expect?

Pravin Jugnauth is however playing with fire with his constant arse licking of these 'religious' organisations. By posing himself as the first Prime Minister to have visited the Assemblee de Dieu, he will suffer a backlash. And the backlash will come from the many, many malbars who feel disgusted and outrage at the high level of conversion from within their midst and the uselessness of so called Hindu organisations to try to put a stop to this through education, social engagement, and practical help. 

Pravin Jugnauth may win a few votes from these new groups but he will lose many from the group that has traditionally been the bedrock of his MSM: Hindus. And the death knell for the Jugs and the MSM are becoming louder. Pa dire pa ti dire!

You know how some people always whinge about 'kominote mazoriter' and are quick to accuse people of 'racistes/kominalis'?

At least Rs 85 millions of our money is shared by these groups: " l’église Catholique, l’église Anglicane, l’église Presbytérienne, l’église Adventiste, les hindous et les musulmans.  So, 4 Christian groups grab the lolly compared to one for Hindus and one for Muslims....

Now, what would be so difficult, if our politicians still insist on feeding those charlatans, to have just one Christian group that is inclusive of the Catholics, the Anglicans, the Presbyterians, the Adventists, and any other groups or sects that derive its inspiration from the Bible? Is that too difficult? Won't that be more 'egalitarian', in the land where even dickheads with no qualifications at all scream equal opportunities, i.e. the top jobs?

Finally, if this demand for recognition is met positively, what happens if Sai Baba devotees, Hare Rama people, RamaKrishna Mission, the Ahmadiyas, Bahai, Rastafarians etc etc all demand recognition? Shall we turn our Rainbow Nation into little fragments because the arseholes we have as politicians have decided it would be in the 'national interest' if they could divide us further and reap the benefits of ethno centric politics?

Pravin Jugnauth is playing with fire in order to save his sorry arse. And our country will suffer in terms of unity and being the so called Rainbow Nation.

Mardi 16 Octobre 2018

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