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[Vinny Persand] Democratic recession and the limits of law- A case for fair justice to democracy

Rédigé par Vinny Persand le Lundi 15 Août 2022

Under guise of the pandemic there were many measures taken which every politician, no matter where, democracy or autocracy, ensured that they bragged about. They saved us the common folks, so they claim. Given that it was an opportune moment to show that they had saved us and the country no one asked at what costs.

Even the law which projects itself to be a universal institution saw nothing amiss. Constitution says we are a democracy! The squandering of the public purse from bad decisions were made and enshrined as the best outcomes for the many.

This is criminal, to mismanage the complex and volatile world that we live in limits democratic possibilities. A perverse system exists and keeps perpetuating itself to allow a few to profiteer by actively creating democratic deficit. Its time for fair justice to democracy!

Bad decisions-making created a burden, democratic deficit, which every Mauritian and the many other citizens of other countries will carry. This is from no mistake of their own except decisions by a few perverted and populist authoritarian adventurers has undermined democracy.

A democratic recession is in the making, globally post Covid. The Ukraine war for example is now glossed over as a monetary independence from Western civilization. This example should be worrisome. It shows the overbearing authority that our political system in their representative form allows. People are killed in the process and the laws cannot and will not protect from such perverse behaviours from radical opportunists.

Let us take climate change instead of the Covid pandemic, as a country we are still subjected to the imposed views of a few that are forcing all of us through their inactions and authoritarian adventures from implementing solutions that prevent climate change until it is too late. Is the inaction from these perverse elites justified?

The laws are limited in their delivering fair justice to the rest of humanity from a privileged few. A few that are bent unto creating a democratic recession. A democratic recession under guise of a pandemic like Covid or a land grab like the Ukraine war to cover up their economic chaos and bad decisions-making. Is fair justice expectation in our political system still working?

Especially, given that technology can do so more. Somehow technology is being forced to do so much less despite the democratic recession that we are now facing. The law has limits, but we make the law so why are we being democratically limited to improve and innovate. Our Constitutions demands that we, Mauritius, be a democracy so why the democratic recession!

Lundi 15 Août 2022

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