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[Vidéo] The only real opposition to a Camel Nuts Speaker and a Ti Cretin little Hitler has to be from outside the N.A

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 30 Mars 2021

What options do we really have? Continue the weekly farce of watching a brothel presided by a chef Macro trample over the fundamental principles of democracy? Where a Lepep vreman kouyon voted for the worst arseholes on earth to represent them?

Where a so called democracy has instead become a dictatorship of the worst kind, one that is supported by zombies earning up to Rs 350,000 every month from us and who do clearly do not give a fuck about us? Where an inadequate little man measures his pathetic virility by the number of times dickheads and tarts behind him shout "Hear Hear!", simply because they have seen it on TV, but are too stupid to understand its real meaning and context?

Where grown up adults with the minds of pitiful, attention seeking brats will thump the desk in order to show how dutiful, obedient, and brain dead they really are in their lamentable quest for their cretinous leader's approval?

What really is the point of our National Assembly? How did our temple of democracy rapidly turn into a loka where a chief macro does his damndest to ensure that his "side" is always protected in this evil game of mindless partiality and brutal nonsense?

It is pointless asking the dumbos on the backbenches any questions about the lamentable state of our National Assembly, because irrespective of the question, these nincompoops always answer, "le jeune et dynamique Pravind Kumar Jugnauth"...It is as if they had all received a special vaccine in 2019 before receiving their tickets for the elections that they will all slavishly follow Lady Macbeth, la cuisine, the Sun Trust, and le ti cretin in that descending order of importance... And to be fair to them, they have all turned out to be perfect little slaves.

Where do we go from here? I would love the zombies and the snobs who always tell us " Thank God for our independent judiciary!" to now explain to us exactly the nature of that so-called 'independence' .

Remember the electoral petitions? You don't? Good! Neither apparently does the Chief Judge and his band of fearless, independent fighters for justice and democracy!  Remember Shakeel Mohamed's petition against the Camel Nuts Speaker for illegitimately depriving him of the right given to him by the electors in his constituency to represent them? Well, Shakeel Mohamed is back in the National Assembly after being the victim of yet another lengthy " I order you out" from the gruesomely ugly lunatic, and Votre Honneur is still etidier dossier la!

Unfortunately, the judiciary, however unsatisfactory it might be, remains the only formal structure that can stand up to a Legislative that has decidedly gone bonkers. So, the time may have come for the opposition to send petition after petition to the Supreme Court in an effort to jumpstart the judicial process whose batteries seem flat...

The other option of course is to stop attending parliament and refuse to take part in that criminal travesty of our democracy. Zaza should resign as Leader of the Opposition and give President Baigan the headache of how to fill that constitutional post when no one from the opposition would want it as long as Camel Nuts Speaker is in charge of proceedings. The opposition should instead take it in turns to mock the proceedings in the National Assembly via their own videos, and mercilessly mock the bastards who have been pissing on our democracy. 

Every time these cunts use our police to take forward their "diffamation" cases against the oppostion, the numerous zavokas in the opposition should ensure that they are countersued!

The other option of course is not a resignation en masse ( Can you trust those dictatorial bastards not to change the constitution once they get 2/3 or full majority?), but a resignation of one member of each party from the opposition, i.e.3 in total, every 6 months or so.

The rassemblements and by election meetings will create enough momentum to make Pravind and his zombies shit themselves every day.

In the meantime, if you are wondering why the Speaker keeps shouting " I order you out" : He loves Camel Nuts! And his disgusting defence today of the Fake Sheikh of Arabia tells you which parts of a Camel he loves to chew on the most....Although he seems to love Pravind's nuts too!

Mardi 30 Mars 2021

1.Posté par kersauson de (p) le 31/03/2021 08:01
qu ils ne se plaignent pas
en north korea ils eurent été decapited !! comme loulou 16 soupape en france

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