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The Mauritian Wildlife Foudation reçoit un prix lors de la Philadelphia Zoo’s 9th Annual Global Conservation Gala

Rédigé par E. Moris le Vendredi 5 Octobre 2018

Lors du 9ème Annual Global Conservation Gala aux Etats-Unis, le prix a été décérné à The Mauritian Wildlife Foundation par le zoo de Philadelphie, concernant la sauvegarde des Golden Bats. Cette espèce de chauve-souris existe uniquement à Rodrigues. Depuis quelques années déjà, la fondation lutte pour leur survie.

Thursday, October 4, 2018 Philadelphia Zoo will host its 9th Annual Global Conservation Gala, and event used to honor individuals for their remarkable contributions in conservation. This year’s Gala, held at the Zoo, will honor a forward-thinking environmentalist and water conservationist, Thomas Dolan IV, with The Conservation Impact Award. The Zoo will also award the Global Conservation Prize to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation, an organization that has reversed the trajectory of the Rodrigues Fruit Bat, a species once close to extinction with less than 100 bats in existence. 

At the Gala the Zoo will shine a light on their outstanding work, incredible passion, and unwavering dedication to wildlife and the natural world. 

This year’s honoree of The Conservation Impact Award, an award presented to an individual who has demonstrated unwavering commitment to conservation, species and habitat preservation, is Mr. Thomas Dolan IV.A former Zoo Board member, freshwater ecologist, and longtime conservationist, Mr. Dolan discovered his love for nature at an early age and went on to dedicate his life to the care of the environment. 
In addition to honoring Tom Dolan, we will launch the Dolan Community Conservation Fund, an initiative that will award four grants - up to $2,000 each - to local organizations including Mt. Vernon Community Development Corporation, the School of the Future, BrewerytownSharswood Community Civic Association and Parkside Association that are showcasing excellence in the management of water, energy, waste, or other exemplary conservation practices. 

This year’s Global Conservation Prize is presented to the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF), an organization known for its outstanding global impact on wildlife preservation.  MWF, a non-governmental organization, works to save species, recreate lost ecosystems, restore native forests and raise awareness of conservation issues. 
MWF shares its home with one of the most endangered species in the world, the Rodrigues fruit bat, a relatively small species with a larger-than life story. Once abundant in numbers the Rodrigues fruit bat was decimated by habitat destruction, drought, and human encroachment.  By the 1970s there were fewer than 100 bats left, making them among the most critically endangered species in the world. This precarious situation caught the attention of conservationists who worked together to establish assurance colonies that would help prevent extinction in the wild.Thanks to these and other concerted efforts, including implementation of the Rodrigues Environmental Educator Project, funded by Philadelphia Zoo in 1998, the bats have rebounded and today there are about 20,000 in the wild. 
Since its inception in 2010, the Zoo’s Global Conservation Gala has honored individuals and organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership, dedication, and achievement in the world of conservation. It has also advanced the Zoo’s mission to connect people with wildlife, create joyful discovery and inspire action for animals.  
This year’s Gala, co-chaired by Holly and Orlando Esposito and Patti Owens and Jeff Saltz, will have more than 550 attendees and is the largest fundraising event for the Zoo. 
Animals are on the move like never before at Philadelphia Zoo with Zoo360, a first-in-the-world system of see-through trails passing through treetops, crossing over pathways and connecting habitats, giving animals like amazing big cats, majestic primates and marvelous meerkats the opportunities to travel and explore. Visit our new baby western lowland gorilla, giraffes, hippos, polar bear, white rhino, zebras, red pandas, Amur tigers and more at America’s first Zoo. Explore our 42 acreVictorian garden and enjoy award-winning exhibits like KeyBank Big Cat Falls, PECO Primate Reserve, McNeil Avian Center and KidZooU, a wildlife academy that offers dynamic displays, rare breeds and hands-on experiences.  Philadelphia Zoo is the second highest ticketed attraction in Philadelphia, one of the region's foremost conservation organizations and home to nearly 1,300 animals, many rare and endangered. By connecting people with wildlife, Philadelphia Zoo creates joyful discovery and inspires action for animals and habitats. The Zoo welcomed more than 1.25 million visitors last year. Philadelphia Zoo is accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. Philadelphia Zoo is a non-smoking facility.  

Vendredi 5 Octobre 2018

1.Posté par Rochefort Alain le 05/10/2018 15:36
C'est bien de recevoir un prix pour la conservation des espèces, mais dans le même temps ce qui n'est pas bien du tout c'est de s'apprêter d'entrée en négociation avec le Japon pour la chasse à la baleines dans le bassin sud-ouest de l'Océan Indien. Deux poids deux mesures.
A bon entendeur.

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