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"Oh, what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive!"---Walter Scott.

Before we embark on this mysterious journey, let us put one or two falsehoods to rest, re the privileges of honorary consuls.

Yes, these posts are unpaid, but the benefits are quite substantial, especially if used by serviteurs du pays with very inventive minds.

The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations 1963, the international treaty ratified by 179 states and which defines a framework for consular relations between states, makes it clear that a consul is not a diplomat, but that under this treaty he/she is afforded most of the same privileges, including a variation of diplomatic immunity called Consular immunity.

Article 31 states that consular premises must be protected from intrusion or damage, and the host nation cannot enter without permission.

Article 35 ensures freedom of communication between the consul and his/her country. A CONSULAR BAG MUST NEVER BE OPENED AND A CONSULAR CARRIER MUST NEVER BE DETAINED. As the contents of a consular bag must remain secret, I shall leave it to your imagination to envisage the possible scenarios for consuls to play with...

Let us now look at 3 honorary consuls of Mauritius, 2 to la Reunion and one to that vast state known as Ohio which apparently has about 10 Mauritians living there and who are desperately in need of consular access and help....I am sure most of you have never heard the names of these wonderful people, so time to bring these modest and humble people into the spotlight.

1/ Jacques Veloupoule. Yes, I too had never heard of him, but he has been apparently representing us selflessly in Reunion since 2003, when his brother in law, Missier Renouvo/gouverner autrement/freemason/agwa par excellence, Alan Ganoo was Minister of our Public Infrastructure.
He is an ex police officer and quite close to SAJ, apparently. His wife, Ganoo's sister, does not work; he has been retired for a long, long time. And yet for 12 long years, this man provided his services as Consul for free, benevolat as they call it. He has managed to send his children to study abroad and has a second home in Roches Noires. Did he travel to Mauritius regularly out of his own pocket? Or did our wonderful governments use taxpayers' money for this too?
Sa ki apel servi pays!

2/ In 2015, Veloupoule was replaced by Younouss Ravate. Yes, I too had never heard of him....If Veloupoule at least had the merit of being Mauritian because of his marriage to Ganoo's sister, and did help many Mauritians dealing with death and serious accidents, Ravate has no links with Mauritius at all! Well, I say no links, but he is quite close to Ayatollah Mouftah, esp when the rat catcher used to be our VPM and sometimes acting PM. No one could quite understand Ravate's presence in the Ayatollah's ministerial office when the issue of Hajj pilgrimage was being debated, as this was a matter for the government only together with accredited Muslim organisations.
Younouss Ravate has his own helicopter...and the VIPs simply love the rides that he offers them when they are servi pays in Reunion.

Guess who introduced Ravate to the Mauritian government? Yes, that wonderful symbol of femininity, chastity, and financial probity, Nandinee Soornack. Ravate has since taken over Mango and other so called fashion businesses where stupid people pay a lot of money in order for a plain T shirt to have a crocodile or something just as silly embroidered on it...
On 6th May 2015, Ayatollah Mouftah ( no doubt on another mission that you and I paid for, including the per diem...) took the 17.45 flight to Reunion. He was accompanied by Ali Esmael, a businessman from Grand Baie.

They stayed at Hotel Select, in St Denis, Reunion. Very chic. The hotel belongs to Mamode Anvaraly, persona non grata in Mauritius following some scandal over Porsches. Mamode is the brother in law of Ali Esmael, and has been trying hard to have his name removed from the Immigration and Customs blacklist. 

All three of them, together with 'Consul' Ravate had a lovely meal at the Restaurant Le Reflet des Iles during the evening of 6th May. Ayatollah Mouftah took the first plane out of Reunion on 7th May, the 7.00 flight to Plaisance. 12 hours in Reunion for a posh meal, etc, with the Consul in attendance and a man who is banned from entering Mauritius...

Rumours that 40,000 Euros in cash was given to facilitate the removal of Mamode from the black list have been made. But I won't have anything said against our Ayatollah Mouftah, because he is an underwater Tae Kwando expert, he tells us he has la foi, he is a croyant, etc...and I worry that he may still have a police bodyguard careless enough to lend him his revolver....

3/ Shereen Jaulim, newly crowned Honorary Consul for Mauritius to Ohio, a state that most Mauritians have ever heard of and which even less reside in. I wrote this in a previous post:

1/ How many Mauritians actually live in Ohio? 5? 10? Certainly less than 100!
2/ The post might be unpaid, but it is quite lucrative in terms of business prospects, if you get my meaning...
3/ Of course, the fact that she is the sister in law of Transfuge Zouberrrrr has nothing to do with this appointment. Li zis envi servi pays, do!!!
4/ " Sister-in-law of MSM MP Zouberr Joomaye, Sheereen studied medicine in the United States from 1996 to 2000 before returning to Mauritius. " Only 4 years to become a doctor? Eoula! Dr Poule pran plis letan ki sa!
5/ She calls herself 'Doctor', which is fine as so many people these days call themselves 'Doctor' simply because they know the difference between an Elastoplast and a bandage..She is a Director of a Homeopathic Clinic, you know those places that attract very, very stupid people with more money than sense.

It is like saying that someone who works in a massage parlour is an osteopath who is an expert at manipulating the bits that give you a headache if kept unemployed for too long....
So, you 10 Mauritians living in Ohio: Well done! You have a 'Doctor' to represent you now! And if that does not work, talk to bro in law Zouberrrrrr as he is obviously very well connected..."

Her sister, Shaheen Jaulim-Joomye, "Sa firme est d’ailleurs la représentante exclusive d’i-LipoXcell, un appareil d’amincissement introduit à Maurice en octobre 2014", a company closely linked to the new Consul. As our zourlanus refuse to make that connection, let us delve a bit deeper into the background of the in laws of Zouberrrrr the transfuge. 

The Jaulims run a casino called Texas, not a very halal thing you will admit, but I leave that sort of thing to those with a special line to God to judge. We all know that a huge amount of money laundering goes on in our casinos, and often only half of the receipts are declared and the rest considered as black money. Of course, the Jaulims would never do such a thing as they are serviteurs du pays who always obey the law...Within the last 2 years, they have built Palms Hotel in Quatre Bornes and a huge building besides Jumbo. They also have houses in Floreal and a renovated beach house next to the Ayatollah Mouftah in the north.

But, as I said, these are fine people who are doing their best to servi nou pays...And they have very close links to SAJ too.
You know how our politics are so incestuous? Consider this: Priya Thacoor is Veena Ramgoolam's cousin, and when Navin was PM, she was often with Veena. She is also married to one of the Jaulims who are very close to SAJ....
4/ Claudio Feistritzer-Rawat had been chosen by Austria to be its next Honorary Consul for Mauritius, a choice approved by the President of Austria. This choice was sent twice via the Austrian ambassador to the Mauritian government. Our masters of diplomacy, good governance, and financial probity, Etienne Sinatanbou and Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo, as Minister for foreign affairs, refused to authorise the appointment! Nou ki mari!

Of course, the fact that Claudio is Dawood Ravat's son in law had nothing to do with E.T. or Wilko's refusal...Oh no! These two serviteurs du pays are men of honour, aren't they? And if it means insulting a European country, so what? Nou ki mari!
So people, don't be taken in by the nonsense being peddled by our zourlanus about this latest Honorary Consul. As usual, our 'free and independent' press is simply not interested in the facts.

Our Lady of Fatima is too busy writing wonderful things about our serviteurs du pays...those 'prestations gratuites' in hotels and massage/beauty salons in return do wonders apparently for that thing called conscience, which many zourlanus are trying hard to locate and have been unsuccessful so far.
Yes, our zourlanus are acknowledged masters and practitioners in deception.

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