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Soodhun is right to claim that he has acted within the law : a law that is an open invitation to politicians to loot our money by making an absolute fortune with our land through the state lands act

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 2 Juillet 2018

Au nom de la liberté d'expression, Zinfos Moris accueille Paul Lismore, un de nos meilleurs lanceurs d'alerte à Maurice qui nous livre son regard sur l'actualité.

Soodhun is right to claim that he has acted within the law : a law that is an open invitation to politicians to loot our money by making an absolute fortune with our land through the state lands act
" Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal."---Martin Luther King, Jr.

It was bound to happen, if only to illustrate the validity of the law of averages which would predict that our lovely Ayatollah Mouftah would one day say something that has some basis in reality.

Yes, when he says that he has done nothing illegal with regards to the jackpot of Rs 48 millions that has landed into his family's lap, Soodhun is for once telling the truth. 

They say that God works in mysterious ways, but there is nothing mysterious about the way some of our laws have been drafted with only one thing in mind: for the maximum benefit of our politicians, so that in the unlikely event that the chuttur ka mou in charge of ICAC removes his finger from his arse and sues any politician, the thieving bastard can then tell us how he believes in 'la justice divine', how he 'ena full confiance dan nou judiciaire', how we live in an 'état de droit', followed by the inevitable "Je suis serein".

You see, there is nothing in the State Lands Act that can stop Soodhun, or the many other politicians and their friends/relatives/macros who have done exactly the same thing, from selling a lease on our land at many times its value soon after signing on the dotted lines.

For those who suffer from amnesia, I will attach once more the post that I wrote on the amazing riches Vishnu Lutchmeenaraidoo amassed simply by selling the lease on our land to a third party. So, Soodhun is merely doing what many other politicians have done in the past and will continue to do until one politician, just one, has the decency to highlight the flagrant loopholes in the State Lands Act, and to ask either for that ludicrous passport to wealth to be thrown in the bin or to be modified substantially. But then why would the beneficiaries of a corrupt piece of legislation seek to nullify what has proved to be very profitable for most of them since independence?

Have you ever heard even one politician from ANY party, any zourlanus, any gogotologue, or any wannabe mention Para 6 of the State Lands Act? Read it and you will understand why they have all been very chup chap over this:

" 6. Leases of State Land:
1. ALL leases of state land SHALL be-
(a) by PUBLIC AUCTION, notice of which shall be given in the Gazette, and 2 daily newspapers, at least 2 weeks before the day fixed for the auction". Have you ever seen any advert for the lease of state lands? No? This is why, the let out clause for the thieves to rob us blind. Para 6(1)(a) continues with " or by private contract on such terms and conditions , not inconsistent with this Act, AS THE MINISTER MAY APPROVE".

So, the minister may (meaning "Will approve", if the application comes from another politician or any idiot as long as he/she is nou bann ...) and completely ignore the public auction bit....

Axcel Chenney has done a great job in highlighting Soodhun's manna from heaven, but I am afraid Soodhun has done what the law allows him to do.
A law created by politicians for their own benefit so that OUR state land becomes THEIR land to distribute amongst themselves. 

ALL governments have done what Soodhun has done.

They get away with it because we have a Lepep Kouyon that will shout the usual empty words of 'outrage' whilst hoping that a politician will look kindly upon them and give them a small portion of our land too.

And our 'free and independent' press will react once in a while, depending on which politician has enriched himself at our expense and his links with our wonderful zourlanus....
You think I am being harsh? Read the attached post and ask yourself this question: Why hasn't one paper, one zourlanus/journalist ever mentioned Wilkinson's extremely good fortune? What is the difference between Wilko's 'stroke of luck' and the Ayatollah Mouftah's? None, apart from the fact that Wilko's son was only 10 years old when he was director of the company....

If you think that the Ayatollah Mouftah and Wilkinson are the only two who have become immensely rich through the sale of the lease of OUR land, then you are living in cloud cuckoo land.

If you add up all the huge profits made by various politicians, their friends/relatives/ macros on selling the lease to our lands, you will see that billions of rupees have ended up in the pockets of the thieving bastards...and all legally of course.

Lundi 2 Juillet 2018

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