Rattan Gujadhur

[Rattan Gujadhur] The privatization of medical services in Mauritius and customer service case studies

Rédigé par Rattan Gujadhur le Dimanche 6 Janvier 2019

Private hospitals are now here to stay and have partnered with powerful local groups. In the beginning, during the honeymoon period, to woo the population, they put on a great lovely show of winning the hearts of the population.

Today morning at one private hospital in Floréal, the great Mauritian medical mediocrity was at full show. A group of nurses and doctors, happily chatting in an adjoining room, whilst customers are all forced like cattle to the cashier. No information and no respect, first go and pay, give your payment details the rest, we will decide later when we are free.

We are busy, as you can very well see. The blood drawing department was closed, no sorry, actually opened, with one lady at the desk saying ‘mais tou dimun en conger passer demain’. 

Worst of all when I asked the ‘busy’ group of nurses who can help my father who had been fasting since last night, who could help us she said ‘labas la sa mdam la’. I replied, ‘Kot madam la mo pas truv li’. 

This is a laisser aller a outrance, a lack of respect, and i-do-not-give-a-damn attitude but most of all, a totally dismal medical training. Are they trained ? 

Mauritians apparently are just nice and do not ever protest. Even if you put a gondin behind their backsides.

After all, they did what they set out to achieve. Pretend that privatization would, greatly benefit the population, but afterwards, hike up the price and mediocrity levels because guess why? 

After all the government services are anyhow already saturated, and so dear population, you are now really stuck in a vicious circle. You need us, and we need your money. We will do our best to suck your money dry, keep you sick and stressed, with dismal shrewd services because guess why ? 

You ain’t got no choice ! 

I want to ask what government dept oversees such laisser aller. Have we sold off medical services too, just like we have done of all our pas geometric lands ?

Dimanche 6 Janvier 2019