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[Rattan Gujadhur] Sherni : A sincere and magistral tour de force by Vidya Balan and Masurkar

Rédigé par Rattan Gujadhur le Jeudi 24 Juin 2021

Indian wild life conservation seems stuck between a rock and a hard place. Amit Masurkar uses the power of the divine and a sans make up, Vidya Balan, to put this message across. It is hard to put a gender classification on Vidya in this one.

It actually feels she has the  male role, with a feminine outside shell as consultatory decoration. Caught as a forest officer between extreme patriarchy, stupidity, lack of education, politics and corruption, against the basic kindness of humanity, to preserve what very little is left in India’s forest (i.e the Indian tigers) Masurkar puts across the theme that that alas the feminine touch of Indian conservation has given way to an extreme form of crass BJPesque misogyny that is truly stifling society.

The end is less dramatic In Masurkar’s style, but so filled with largesse and potency and messaging. When left to petty politics, what hope is there for conservation and endangered animals, nature preserves, and basically simple humanity. They seem to be getting mined for some rare ores, just like the many illegal mines, right in the heart of India’s natural forests. A truly grim reality. A sincere and magistral tour de force by Vidya Balan and Masurkar !!  A must watch !

A propos de l'auteur : Rattan Gujadhur   left Mauritius for higher studies in the US in 1999. He has practiced in the Pharma and Biotech world for over 29 years and is a Dr in Chemistry. He remains deeply in love with Mauritius and has published reminiscences of Mauritius via a poetry collection and a novel.

Jeudi 24 Juin 2021