Rattan Gujadhur

[Rattan Gujadhur] Euro 2021 final in prose

Rédigé par Rattan Gujadhur le Lundi 12 Juillet 2021

* Italy have a strand in their DNA called, Grit. Either you have it or you do not !

* Chiellini is a born maestro. This means he is not only packed up with supreme talent  but behind his smile, is the ruse of cleverness. All trickery is allowed when you are bursting with talent !  Trickery without talent is evil at work. 

* Like life, all soccer battles are won in the midfield. The midfield is the heart and soul. The meat and potatoes of Life. Control your heart, to control your mind. The mind is simply ‘the tool’, the heart is a medium 

* The young British players had their heart beating in their talons. Lesson: never expect the fruits of your actions. Remember Krishna! There is no winning, no losing. Yet there is always ‘skill in action’, which cannot be practiced without lack of composure, equanimity! 

* The fine print of the Italian team was everywhere on the pitch. Battle with life till the end and if needed, die with a smile. If we lose, let’s at least lose in style, if we win, would it not have been worth the sweat ! Giving up is death foretold. 

* A good referee is a brilliant parent. Be a back off guardian, never a barrier. Let life flow, do not stop the art of the movement. How will you see beauty if you do not let it flow 

* The racism at the end is the revealing ignominious nature of men. Their deep inborn dishonesty. If you are not noble in defeat, you were never really meant to win in the first place.

* Honesty is the plat de resistance of all great artists. Take a close look at Bonucci’s game, then only you will self- experience honesty!

* To quote the poetic news headline today: England the country, not the team, needs to take a look at itself. It’s racism, it’s hypocrisy. 

* And in conclusion: to succeed always attack where it hurts you more. Aversion to reality is death. England already saw victory when defeat was on the wall, breathing down their necks. Letting your guards down is a true love letter to defeat. 

A propos de l'auteur : Rattan Gujadhur    left Mauritius for higher studies in the US in 1999. He has practiced in the Pharma and Biotech world for over 29 years and is a Dr in Chemistry. He remains deeply in love with Mauritius and has published reminiscences of Mauritius via a poetry collection and a novel.

Lundi 12 Juillet 2021