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[Paul Lismore] Zour fete des morts, Facebook p dire moi ki mo ena zis 8 ans

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 2 Novembre 2018

Zour fete des morts, Facebook p dire moi ki mo ena zis 8 ans. 8 ans kot oken serviteurs du pays, zourlanus, gogotologues et idiots en zeneral zamai in kapav akiz moi ki seki mo ekrir pa vrai.

[Paul Lismore] Zour fete des morts, Facebook p dire moi ki mo ena zis 8 ans
In these days where the shroud of censorship and authoritarianism is rapidly being pulled over the passive bodies of Lepep Admirab, we realise that the government we voted for in 2014 has been one of deceit, of unfulfilled promises, of intense selfishness, of corruption and nepotism on a scale never imagined or experienced before, of incompetence that is not only cringeworthy especially when displayed to the world as our Vice PM and Minister for Women showed recently, but also scandalous where public money is either frittered away or simply stolen, where the assets of one man are stolen by a government which then proceeded to give those assets at bargain basement prices to the vermin on this island, of a government that gives the impression of not being run from the PMO but from some sinister and forbidding la cuisine where Lady Macbeth and her coven of witches concoct all sorts of toxic menus for a Lepep Kouyon to swallow without flinching, of an hitherto peaceful island now being torn apart by crime and by the ethnic strife and division so beloved of our politicians and the fake bastards pretending to be the spokespersons of God.

The only thing that politicians/zourlanus/gogotologues and assorted idiots accuse me of, because they know they can't dispute the facts that I write about, is of using a 'fake profile'....and it does not say much for the intelligence of our people when it cannot recognise the difference between a fake profile, a nom de plume, or a pseudonym.

For those arseholes, let me give them the definition of a fake profile, according to Facebook itself:

" A Facebook clone, also known as a cloning scam is when a person's profile picture and other social information is stolen and used to create a new Facebook profile. In most cases the cloned account will use the same name (or a close version) and send friend requests to the targeted person's friends."

Perhaps someone could send this definition to our pussy face Attorney General, that awful individual known as Anil Gayan, and the minister in charge of ICTA who has spent some time with our poor I.T. police department in the vain hope of trying to find my identity. Mo koir li envi fer demande mariaz avek moi, alor li bien envi guet mo foto...

So, my best wishes to the Mauritians who can think and analyse objectively. To the arseholes who really sound like demented, constipated parrots when they trot out their only stupid argument against me, " kifer to kassiett deriere ene fake profile", I have a few words of comfort for them:

The world of science and medicine has made fantastic progress and soon you will be able to benefit from a brain implant to replace the empty space between your ears....

It has been a real pleasure knowing most of you. Cheers!

Vendredi 2 Novembre 2018

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