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[Paul Lismore] Zot dire nou ki nou bizin respekter ban institutions pourri...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 25 Octobre 2020

" Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the state has become lawless or corrupt. And a citizen who barters with such a state shares in its corruption and lawlessness."---Mahatma Gandhi.

Check ene kou sa ban instititions ki zot dire nou ki nou bizin respekter...

ICAC: possibly the most corrupt institution on the island, led by a chuttur ka mou who does not know one basic thing: that service to the State can never be service to the government. Navin Beekarry remains the Head Porter par excellence of la cuisine and will bend over backwards in order to please Lady Macbeth and all the vile individuals working in la cuisine. I need only mention Vijaya Sampath, Choomka, Angus Road, and any case involving any member of la cuisine or one of its ti macro for you to understand that even a sixieme fail would have completed these inquiries a long time ago and charged the bastards a long time ago. 

And yet, our zourlanus keep referring to the chuttur ka mou as an intellectual prodigy who has worked at the IMF, the World Bank, and even Harvard University. LIES! 

Zourlanus mercenaires: You saw the horror movie that they presented us on a daily basis about the Ponzi that never was, and thereby sought to justify the theft of BAI/Bramer and all the assets of Dawood Rawat by a government of knaves, thieves, and corrupt bastards.

And you then compare their coverage of NMH and all the big "White" conglomerates with their massive debts, and you ask yourselves: Did we really gain independence in 1968? Nothing has changed apart from the fact that there are a few drops of black/brown and yellow in the white canvas these days. But the mentality remains the same: an army of soucerres with their rusty pens to cover up those who control the press, and whose only ambition seems to be to grab a meaningless job as press adviser to a stupid minister or to one of those conglomerates.

Government: Sanz gouvernman mai system pourri la res parey. Commissions ki ti p al dan sa gouvernman la pou aster al dan nouvo gouvernman. Angus Road is a prime example of this where land "bought" cheaply by the then Minister of Agriculture of a MMM/MSM government from Bel Air Sugar Estate in 2001 is allowed to come to fruition in 2007 under a PTr/PMSD government, and a minister from the PTr/PMSD government also tried to grab a hefty commission from BASE as soon as the new government took power. Government in Mauritius now means " to kokin kan to dan pouvoir, mai nou sans pou kokin aster"....

Nothing changes: New ministers mean new limousines at our expense, and new duty free cars for the bastards we voted into power, as well as a whole list of truly criminal privileges, of which " Entertainment allowance" is the most immoral one. When hundreds of thousands of our citizens have to live on Rs 10,000 a month, these bastards receive more than that as entertainment allowance every month! And they then have the cheek to ask us to respekter zot et zot instititions en fesse?

Civil Service: the greatest misnomer de nos jours. A bunch of people who rarely provide the service they are paid to do and who, by and large, do not know the meaning of the word "civil". But they are first in the queue to ask for their droits acquis, for more and more privileges for less and less work. 

It is full of people promoted way beyond their abilities simply because their brother, tonton, tantines, galan, cousin, cousinn is a minister or a politician....Our Civil Service has become Air Mauritius or our Casinos: overmanned, over privileged, lazy, corrupt, and full of the macros of politiciens.

MBC: An absolute den of iniquity where the law is being infringed on a daily basis. Led by possibly the most stupid, incompetent arse licker of all times...I am told that the Commission denket bidon will soon reinstate the idiot as DG of that rotten organisation, backed by letters of support from an utterly corrupt syndika with arselickers as leaders. The CCTV nasty of the idiot bouncing his phone and being a cunt does not matter anymore. Lady Macbeth wants him back and ti cretin will obey as usual....and that is all that matters in our so called etat de droit.

The police led by Servansing who knows only to sing to the tune of a ti cretin. We no longer have a police service that serves the nation. We now have a police force that serves the interests of la cuisine and nothing else. In these days of crimes of violence and drugs everywhere, the police is more interested in wasting its time on entertaining the grotesque complaints of ministers and various macros caught with their hands in the till. The accusers have now become the accused in this topsy turvy world of our gablous...

General Medical Council, Bar Council, Law Society, IPCC, Human Rights sipaki, etc etc...Try complaining to them and if you get even a decent reply within a year, count yourself lucky. These institutions have enormous drawers where your letters will be fondly folded to gather as much dust as possible.

So, the next time you walk near those institutions and you feel  a warm sprinkle of liquid hitting your head, that is not the rain. Oh No! That will be those institutions pissing on you from a big they have been doing for decades now.

Dimanche 25 Octobre 2020

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