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[Paul Lismore] Yes Obeedoobeedoo; we are "relatively" very annoyed with cocovid like you and your colleagues

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 16 Juillet 2021

When Covid cases have increased by at least 100 on two successive days, this ultra arrogant waste of ministerial space and pseudo intellect has the effrontery to tell the world that we are "relatively Covid safe".

Kumsa kapav koz menti san meme fer oken zefor, do? These people have now become so proficient at lying that they will see nothing wrong in holding their dicks in their hands whilst looking at you with fake earnestness and synthetic sincerity  and swearing to you that, " Hand on heart", he is telling you the truth....

Here are some of the many examples where most of the Mauritian nation feel "relatively" very angry with the bastards calling themselves "Patriotes".... The chatwas and those who will sell their parents for a shrivelled up piece of Kentucky chicken will of course be still looking for the next orifice to lick.

1/ We feel "relatively" infuriated when we see how moronic relatives of politicians get nominated to all sorts of jobs that they are singularly ill qualified to perform to even a satisfactory level. Boygah at Standards? Eoula! It is like asking Waste Water to take over the distribution of fresh water to our taps..

2/ We are impassionately indignant that a bunch of hooligans with no sense of propriety or statesmanship have kidnapped all our institutions and, by fear, bribery, and threats, have turned the staff in once respectable institutions into zombies and unquestioning dummies.

3/ We feel relatively outraged and offended that the symbol of our democracy, the National Assembly, has been converted into a circus where clowns batter our senses with their moronic table thumping, where ministers refuse to answer questions properly and instead read from prepared scripts of mind numbing nonsense and absurdity, where the chef d'orchestre is an alcoholic bully with a terrible command of the English language and a mastery in bad manners and "Unspeaker" attitude...and where the primary role of a Deputy Prime Minister is to "second" every dictatorial motion by the Prime Minister, with the full complicity of the Speaker, to keep members of the opposition out of the National Assembly for as many sessions as possible. Yes, Obeedoobeedoo, that last one is you, now officially sanctioned as the chief rubber stamper of our ti cretin.

4/ We feel ferociously offended that an arrogant nincompoop like Padaleksi considers himself to be an "economist", based almost entirely on his belief that a decent command of the French language in an island full of linguistic complexes, will make many misinterpret that for intelligence and savoir faire. My marsan pistasse has a far more practical and useful sense of economics than this parvenu whom no one had heard of some 5 years ago. In 5 short years, he has managed to wreck our economy, first at the FSC, then the Bank of Mauritius, and now as Minister of Bad Finances. 

5/ We are provoked into maddening fury when we see the list of cabinet ministers and ask ourselves: Is this meant to represent la creme de la creme of our society? Leela, li pa la? Bobok Hureeram? Toussaint and his lamoresse zoranz? Balgobin, who hopefully the electorate will throw in a bin next time? Sa marsan zanana, Hurdoyal, ki aster ministre Civil Service? Sa lot ggt, MauSalee, ki poissons sikane li akoz ene idiot kumsa ki ministre la peche? Zis zat zoz Husnoo who eez looking for ze answer but never finding ze bloody sing? That la tete bibitte, Lesjonregardanfesse? Dokter pagla avek ene lot la tete bibitte, Jagatpubes? The idiot whose picture is being prescribed by doctors as an emetic because his name, his face, everything about him makes you want to be violently sick, Ganoo? Fazila, Jeewa-haven't done anything yet? The one with la guele vier sousoute and who talks sense only when there is a blue moon, Malicious Gobin?

And then we see those who are PPS and we realise with mounting apoplexy that PPS in Mauritius stands for Politiciens Pitins Soucerres...

So, yes Obeedoobeedoo, we are "relatively" incandescent with rage when we see the arseholes who behave as if the island is part of their inheritance, and the Bank of Mauritius is their own personal bank account. We abhor and despise the hypocrites who have given a new definition to the noble concept of "Patriotism".

A "Patriote" in Mauritius is someone who will steal from the people and then tell us that he is servi nou pays; someone who has turned our police force into a private army that will look after and protect the interests of the thieves in power; someone who has no pride whatsoever in the concept of "Mauritianism" but who will adopt any means to fragment an already divided population further.
 In other words, a "patriote" in the Mauritian context is nothing but a cunt. And you, Steve Obeedoobeedoo, epitomises all that a cunt is about...You are nothing but a popinjay, a fop, a coxcomb; in other words, an empty barrel that makes a lot of noise in a false, self conceited accent that may perhaps be appreciated by some teenage girl coping with some hormonal surge. But the rest of us feel nothing but disdain and contempt for someone as fake as you.

Now, say that in your fake accent and repeat it a hundred times, as it is the truth....Who knows? It might help to convince you to look at yourself in the same pitiful way most of us do.

Vendredi 16 Juillet 2021

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