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[Paul Lismore] Xmas is here again ! Rejoice !

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Vendredi 24 Décembre 2021

[Paul Lismore] Xmas is here again ! Rejoice !
Yes, it is that time of the year when we grit our teeth and say "Merry Xmas" to people we hate or dislike intensely, who annoy us as soon as they open their mouth, who really believe they are the centre of the universe, who think they are so clever that no one on earth could possibly see through their lies and subterfuge, and those who really believe that no woman could possibly resist removing their knickers as soon as they smell that body odour from a mile away...if you think I am talking about Padaleksi, you would be partly right, but he and his savate dodo have become more boring than he already was...

But if you think I was referring to Obeedoobeedoo, you would be nearer the truth, as that arrogant twat embodies all that is wrong with Mauritian politics: how mediocre individuals cover up their mediocrity and uselessness with a bit of " Ah oui, moi je pense..." sipaki ggtri, in a French accent that Macron is minded to sue for ridiculing la patrie,  or a lot of fake grandeur with several " With due respect", bla bla.
If you thought I was referring to Jagutpal, Lila Lipala, and the other useless ministers, etc, you would be wrong. Those faces and my roast turkey simply do not go well together...It would be like having a traditional roast turkey dinner marinating in a watery carri gro poi.

Would it be our wonderful judges who apparently never do anything wrong even though they take decades to resolve a simple case, and who have probably killed more people with their verdicts that make no sense whatsoever, than Covid has? Or the new brand of slavery known as senior police officers, political nominees who could be easily replaced with a broomstick, "advisers" who have failed to follow our advice that they should commit suicide as they are giving stupidity a bad name, bent lawyers, zourlanus (bent or otherwise...), anyone wearing a uniform who believes that that gives him/her the right to be ill mannered?

As it is Xmas, let us be generous and include all the above dregs of humanity, whilst not forgetting a quite useless opposition, and wish them all a Merry Xmas.... and secretly hoping they choke on a turkey bone...

To the very few people I consider to be genuine friends and who have never let me down in relationships that have flourished for all of us, I wish you a wonderful Xmas, and may every day of 2022 feel like Xmas to you.

To the bastards on our beautiful island, I hope Santa visits you and drops a big turd through your chimney/letter box...

Vendredi 24 Décembre 2021

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