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Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 23 Décembre 2019

Always judge a man by what he does and not what he says, especially if it is someone in a job of high responsibility.

We have seen the Electoral Commissioner preaching about our "democracy" and our "etat de droit", but unable to give even a half decent explanation for the numerous irregularities during the last elections; we often hear our chuttur ka mou, the idiot in charge of ICAC, preach about "etat de droit" and his fight against corruption, but we have yet to see any real evidence of that, despite being in post for many years.

We hear politicians telling us that they are servi nou pays, but all that we can see is a bunch of oiks who started off without two cents to rub together becoming multi millionaires (or even milliardaires...) after a few years of conning you for your votes and getting into power.

We see zavokas, mazistras, ziz all shouting from the roof tops about our etat de droit but we often see them simply defending their own interests and robbing their clients of large sums of money for a quite mediocre service. They often exclaim "Justice delayed is justice denied", but are happy to see cases last for years without any redress for the victims....

Today, the DPP released his end of year message, and it would be difficult to dispute the wisdom in his statement:

" «Dans des cas d’accidents fatals, tout le monde est perdant. A cause d’un moment d’inattention, le chauffeur fait face à 10 ans d’emprisonnement. Je demande aux chauffeurs de réfléchir avant de mettre la clé de contact dans leur voiture»".

And then I remember the large number of victims of those irresponsible, drunken oafs who have to wait for years before they see any justice from our courts....Like Yana Jhurry, for example, who lost her father 3 years ago because of a drunk driver, and is still waiting for some justice.

He then goes on to say that " La Cour suprême se dit «choquée par l’irresponsabilité des conducteurs qui mettent en danger non seulement leur vie et celle de leurs passagers mais aussi celle des autres usagers de la route». A tel point que juges et magistrats indiquent qu’ils n’hésiteront pas à sanctionner même les «first time offenders» à travers la prison ferme, soutient Satyajit Boolell."

I am so shocked that the Supreme Court is choquee that I have to ask myself: Why doesn't the DPP and the highest Court in our land appeal against the invariably lenient and often ludicrous sentences passed by the men and women in wigs against those defaulters?

As it is the festive season and people like to get pissed, and the irresponsible ones to then drive their cars, I think I should remind the DPP about an accident that happened nearly 2 years ago where a drunk driver crashed her car.

I broke that news, as our 'free and independent press' once again forgot to mention the incident and when it did, it refused to put the name of the pissed up driver. I copied the police report in a post, and I am glad to see that desperate 'like' seekers are referring to it today and pretend as usual that it is their original work...:

" " /03/2018 at 0625 hrs attended to a road accident along royal rd Tamarin Black River rd involving private car no V584 make Mitsubishi colour brown driven by Miss Vandana Boolell ,aged 29 yrs, financial services tel 5907---- and residing at ---- Road Vacoas. The vehicle was coming from the direction of Tamarin and going towards Black River and driver lost control at the steering wheel and the vehicle ended its way on a rock wall on the right side of the road but she cannot recollect how the rear near side stop light got damaged. Notes and measurement taken in presence of driver. Driver found on spot. Damages caused to private infrastructure meaning rock wall. No other vehicle involved. The road was dry and not under reparation. No independent witness came forward. Circumstances of the accident: The vehicle was coming from the direction of Tamarin and going towards Black River and when reaching after Jacarandas ave along Black River road the driver lost control at the steering wheel and the vehicle ended its way on a rock wall on the right side of the road NOTE:-Alcotest performed upon the driver by crew of ERS RW1 and same revealed positive – 79 mg. -At 10.11 hrs driver’s Brother, mr Nikil Boolell, 27 yrs, called at station and as former was still in a state of shock and also reaching sobriety she was handed over to her brother who took responsibility to convey her at home."

I raised the following points in that post:

" On 22nd November 2016, the Road Traffic Amendment Number 2 Bill was passed and which, inter alia, provides for stricter penalties for serious road traffic offences namely drink driving and driving without due care. This bit is particularly interesting: " As for the detention of a person found to be driving under the influence of alcohol, or affected by alcohol or a drug, provision has been made so as to keep the driver in police custody until he/she is sober, NOTWITHSTANDING the fact that an arrangement may have been made for another driver to drive the vehicle."

Vandana Boolell had 79 mg of alcohol in her body and that in itself means that she should have been kept at the police station until 'she is sober'. You will remember how the oik son of minister Sesungkur was allowed to leave the police station after only 2 hours, despite being way over the limit and which has seen his incurable love of walls and trees apparently compel him to drive straight into them...

Several questions arise from the arrest of the DPP's daughter:

1/ Has the police done a blood alcohol test on her?
2/ Will she be charged with damaging infrastructure, and either her or her insurance company made to pay in order to repair the damage?
3/ Her brother, a lawyer, picked her up from the police station 3 hours later at 10.11. Was she breathalysed again or did the police reach the conclusion that 'reaching sobriety' meant that she is sober and therefore there was no need for another breath test? Remember, the 2016 amendment says that 'until she is sober' and not 'reaching sobriety'...
4/ How is it possible for 79 mg of alcohol to dissipate within the space of 3 hours, a feat previously accomplished by the oik son of the minister?"

Vandana Boolell is the daughter of the DPP, and no one knows what has happened to that case or whether she had even been charged.

So, please don't choke on your Xmas turkey when you read the message from the DPP....

Merry Xmas to everyone. Drink, get pissed, but please don't drive.

Lundi 23 Décembre 2019

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