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[Paul Lismore] With friends like these, Kalpana Koonjoo-Shah needs no ennemies...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 22 Juin 2022

Yes, we have all had a good laugh looking at the pic of her appearing to be sleeping in the "Tiambers".

Sensible people have of course asked the question: if she was tired, perhaps from lack of sleep from looking after her young children, why on earth didn't she retire to one of the many rooms in the National Assembly and have a kip there, away from prying eyes? We can all see during the course of the "working" day, many "Honourable" members are absent for long hours, and one can only hope that they are not following in Teefuck's footsteps and feeding the hungry mouth of some desperate wannabe...or trying on savattes Dodo a la Padaleksi when they are supposed to be working....

But is that the biggest scandal of the day, the week, or even the year? Eoula! Our terrible economic situation is not a scandal? So many people going hungry because they can no longer afford sufficient food to keep away the pangs of hunger, that is not a scandal? The way ALL our institutions have been taken over by zombies nominated to carry out the instructions of La Kwizinn, korek sa? The billions of rupees stolen from us by so called serviteurs du pays, shall we forget about that and instead compete with each other to see who can be more gratuitously offensive about her? Most of our civil liberties being trampled on by a police force of the MSM and not a police force of the people, shall we celebrate? Our so called "free and independent" judiciary behaving in a manner that shows neither independence nor freedom from evil forces, shall we throw a party to celebrate this?

A week after that sleeping incident occurred, it is still in the news? People have forgotten about the hundreds of millions of our rupees given away to the shysters of the world during the so called Covid emergency, for machinery that does not work, and for drugs that are out of date?

The incident is once again making the headlines in L'Express and one is bound to ask, as lawyers and police keen to solve crimes, always do: " CUI BONO?", i.e. who benefits from the crime? I can see 4 culprits:

1/ L'Express, for wanting to play the role of the victim and the apparent arch defender of our liberties....Nevertheless, it is wrong of a National Assembly suffering from chronic democratic paralysis to try to get any newspaper into trouble, and on such a flimsy excuse too...I'll tell you the reasons for this terrible crime towards the end...

2/ PPS Belna Chowkee, sorry Dorine Chuckowry, for suddenly realising that the Speaker is a wonderful human being, and of such an unimpeachable character that when he dies, efforts will be made for his beatification by the Pope...She proposed the motion.

3/ Lachanya Diolle, who seconded the motion. I do not wish to waste my breath on someone who I find terribly loathsome..

4/ The Deputy Speaker, Zahid Nazurally, who has tried hard to show us that he is "better" than the odiously useless Speaker. He chose to put to the vote this motion that comes directly from Alice in Wonderland:    ‘uttering or publishing any statement reflecting on the conduct or character of, or containing or amounting to an accusation of partiality in the discharge of his duty by the Speaker, Deputy Speaker or Chairperson of any committee.’ Remember, we are here talking about Speaker Phokeer, the most biased Speaker in the whole fucking world!

L'Express wants to sell its papers and that is fine. Belna Chowkee and Lachanya have perhaps seen an opportunity to create a ministerial vacancy and they are deluded enough to believe that they have the personality, the intelligence, and the dignity to be a minister....All of course by appearing to be " caring" to Koonjoo Shah whilst ensuring that the dagger goes in as deep as possible.

Zahid Nazurally has acted on the advice and referral of the Speaker when he could have said: "Eoula! Si bizin poursuiv dimoune pou seki zot dire lor ou, b pou bizin ferme Facebook et la plipar zournal! Zot tou zour ou!"

This is how a rather trivial incident is kept in the news by people who have something to gain from it. Rather pathetic, don't you think?

Mercredi 22 Juin 2022

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