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[Paul Lismore] Why is our free and independent press ignoring the racist messages from the supporters of PJ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 22 Septembre 2020

You must have all seen the disgusting and inflammatory WhatsApp messages where some rather naive but dangerous mercenaires malbars are exhorting the Hindus to arm themselves in the face of a mythical race war that only deluded and deranged minds wish to become reality.

We know that a useless police force will 'investigate' this crime with the speed of a snail swimming in a glass of rum, because crimes committed by supporters of this government are not crimes in the eyes of a police force that lost its soul and purpose a long time ago.

But why is our press that likes to remind us on a daily basis that it is free and independent, keeping quiet about this "Har Har" movement? Is it because the press is controlled by Hindus? No.

The majority of the staff and owners in our press are anything but Hindus. I am afraid the reason is far simpler than this and is not based, for once, on ethnic matters. It is 'paissa', money, the filthy lucre, the mouldy moolah, the dirty dough that is the real basis for our zourlanus to pretend to look the other way.

Let me explain: the main providers of advertising money for our press and media are those individuals and companies responsible for turning so many of our people into paupers.

It is those people who will dangle a piece of paradise in front of your eyes with the one in the many millions chances that you may have bought the winning lottery ticket... or the donkey that you have backed turns out to win a race at the Champs de Mars. They are the people in charge of the biggest demon in hundreds of thousands of families: Gambling. The main companies involved are MT, SMS Pariaz, and Lotterie Verte.

They spend millions of rupees in our newspapers to advertise their poison.

The two main individuals behind the openly racist and communalist campaign of Har Har are Dhiren Moher, a rather pathetic figure who elicited a lot of sympathy for his HIV status but who also did some good work in raising the consciousness of the public towards the AIDS virus... and his wife, Karishma Beeharry Moher, an excellent bandwagon jumper whose rather mediocre career in journalism enabled me to coin the term 'zourlanus' for those arseholes pretending to be part of the noble profession that Mauritian journalism once was. She is now on a stupendous salary at MT, and Sherry has never tasted sweeter for her since her nomination in 2015...

The Mohers are the people behind the hugely successful lotterie verte, and have now obtained carte blanche from the government to again start selling the almost impossible dream of buying yet another winning lottery ticket . As I explained, where there is gambling and lottery, there is lots of money in advertising for our free and independent press....

And that would explain why there has been a deathly silence by the press over the dangerous activities of Har Har. Only Zinfos Moris has had the decency to expose those freaks to the public gaze, and it is no wonder that arrogant zourlanus from the mainstream press love to turn each other on with their bitchiness and stupid comments about that online paper...

In my next article, I will write about my fears for the future of this country, and how the signs of a race/ethnic war are too obvious to ignore. I will talk about Bruneau Laurette's unfortunate role in this, and how this has given an opportunity for the MSM to do what it has always done: create division in order to succeed at the ballot box.

Mardi 22 Septembre 2020

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