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[Paul Lismore] Why is a safe country like Mauritius buying Rs 4.2 billions worth of weapons from India ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 14 Août 2021

Are we in danger of being invaded by the Seychelles? Will the Comores islands launch an assault soon because they have heard how delicious our dal puris are?

In fact, are we in any danger at all of being invaded by ANY country in the world? Good Lord! Any conquering army will immediately retreat and run away as soon as they see the face of Sooroojdeo Phokeer and decide that Mauritius has already been taken over by E.T. looking clones...

So why, when we are up to our neck in debt which is likely to hit Rs 500 billions by the time the next elections are called, are we borrowing $ 100 millions (roughly Rs 4.2 billion rupees) from India through its Exim Bank in order to purchase weapons from India? or, as they would say, "for the procurement of defence items"....

The obvious question is, what weapons? And why? It is unlikely that we would be purchasing tanks, self propelled artillery, or laser guided missiles, as I doubt whether even the lunatics in power have any designs on invading a neighbouring island...But the question has to be asked: Why, when our economy is fucked and continues to be fucked by thieves with extra long arms, (known as the MICkey Mouse mob...) are we borrowing money to buy weapons that will never be used against any foreign nation?

The answer has to be: the weapons, "defence procurement" sipaki, will be used against its own people! Look at this scenario, however far-fetched it might seem to some of you: We know and Pravind Jugnauth knows that he simply cannot afford to lose the next elections, esp if his replacement is likely to be Navin Ramgoolam. Whatever views people may have on Ramgoolam and, believe me I too have many negative views, the fact remains that he is the only potential Prime Minister who will definitely put the Jugs and their accomplices behind bars, and seek to return/repatriate the billions of rupees that have been stolen since 2014. 

You would have to be pretty mad to even think that the MSM will win the next elections. It is accepted by most people that they lost the 2019 elections but 'won' it by using unscrupulous methods that we had never witnessed before. The situation of the MSM is now infinitely worse, and not even the nasty, mercenary, corrupt methods of 2019 will work this time.

So, this is what I think those sick minds have come up with: As soon as the results are declared and the MSM has lost comprehensively, we will magically see riots on communal grounds sprouting in many constituencies. The Sabre plastik and their goons and mercenaries from other communities (Oh yes, there are Creole and Laskar chatwas too...) will start an orgy of violence, looting, and arson. Decent people will fight back, and that will be the trigger for the still reigning MSM government to declare a State of emergency. 

A State of emergency means there is a complete lockdown, the opposition leaders arrested, the SMF on our streets, Indian "military advisers" will join their permanent "Security" counterparts in the PMO/Coast guards, etc, and the Rs 4.2 billions worth of weapons being currently bought with our money will be used against us....

The State of emergency will be extended for as long as they wish, and the current government can then continue to remain in power..

I hope I am wrong. I hope the above scenario is completely deranged, and will never happen.
But please tell me why a country drowning in debts and under no threat whatsoever from any other country would buy Rs 4.2 billions worth of weapons? 

Samedi 14 Août 2021

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