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[Paul Lismore] Why has Facebook become a willing accomplice of a corrupt government?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Dimanche 19 Février 2023

[Paul Lismore] Why has Facebook become a willing accomplice of a corrupt government?
Or is Facebook being kind, tender, loving, and protective towards me? It has sent me the same message as it did the last time it blocked me for more than a month, telling me that it is "protecting" me because it suspects someone else has been using my account...But then it refuses to "help" me by not allowing me to click on anything that would confirm my account!

The rot set in when Facebook succumbed to the pressures of the worst Bhai Lookhe government in our history, and allowed Mauritian "moderators" to monitor Facebook. For "Mauritian", read "chatwas", because la kwizinne simply sent its slaves to become "moderators" and Facebook accepted then without any protests whatsoever. We have not seen Facebook blocking the accounts of any of the vile, racist bastards spreading their filthy poison in Facebook. Sun sipaki ggtri is still spewing poison on an almost daily basis, together with a little army of soucerres and roder bouttes. The chatwa moderators of Facebook obviously do not see anything wrong with that, and like the hypocrites in government, probably believe them to be "patriots"...

I did give you advance notice that the arseholes in government will put pressure on Facebook to block me after my articles on Friday and Saturday on Silver Bank. That loss making Bank is swallowing Billions of rupees from our Contingency fund, despite being bankrupt, and owned by a woman whose husband is facing very severe allegations of hundreds of billions of rupees fraud in Switzerland, India and other countries.

And I asked the question: Why would the Bank of Mauritius, the Mauritian minister of finance, the government approve a banking license for a bank whose owners are mired in a swamp of corruption and fraud? The answer is very simple: if you are a thief, you would want an expert thief to deal with your ill gotten money, non?

I am angry that neither the opposition nor the mainstream press, apart from L'Express, has even mentioned Silver Bank.Sa meme nou "free and independent press" sa?

And what about the opposition, whether official or not? Why this incredible silence? We can struggle to understand the so called dinozors being quiet, but what about the dynamic ones who want to gouverner autrement? Kiken in koup zot la lang? Ou zot oussi p rode defalke zot larzan sale via ene la bank ki zamai ti bizin vine ene la bank?

Finally, those who like reading my articles will have to rely on Zinfos Moris willing to continue to publish them.

Shame on you Facebook! When you ally yourself with a dirty, corrupt government and instead go after people who want to shed some light on all this stultifying darkness, this makes you a partner in crime. Fuck knows how you will behave during the electoral campaign when we will no doubt be engulfed in the flood of nonsense praising the thieves, but articles criticising them will be rarely seen on Facebook.

Dimanche 19 Février 2023

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