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[Paul Lismore] Why do political nominees take so much of our money ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 9 Décembre 2021

That question has baffled my tiny little mind for decades now, and has given rise to another interrogation: Why do all our Prime Ministers, irrespective of whether they emerge from the bellies of PTR, MMM or MSM, all believe that their friends, relatives, teamakers, arse lickers, mistresses, one night stands, etc deserve millions of our rupees as soon as our votes have propelled them into power?

Why have we allowed our political leaders to behave as if that is the most natural thing for them to do?

Let me give you the most glaring example where stupidity and incompetence are rewarded with astronomical amounts of public money: You must have all heard of the terribly forgetable individual called Harvesh Seegoolam, who graduated from being Padaleksi's pion at the FSC to become his pion as Governor of the Bank of Mauritius.

You know how some people's faces immediately betray a reaction of " Guet la guele sa kouyon la" as soon as you see him? Well, la guele Tekwa bien gonflee of Seegoolam saw his salary of Rs 10, 374, 000 in 2019 rise to Rs 15,986,000 in increase of 54% in the space of one year only...And you expect cunts like that to give us lessons on the evil of inflation and kouma nou bizin ser sintir?

But don't feel too sorry for the Tekwa bien gonflee. That huge amount in salary is of course not enough for someone who clearly believes his shit smells nice. So, even when he does fuck knows what during his daily scedule as BOM governor apart from wrecking our economy, he attends 3 of the most boring meetings ever invented by a sadist, known as " Monetary Policy Committee". These meetings last for at best 2-3 hours with generous breaks for posh sandwiches and the odd cup of Darjeeling tea. For that huge amount of work for 2-3 hours, poor Tekwa bien gonflee receives Rs 200,000! Yes, Rs 200,000 for doing next to fuck all in an afternoon during his normal work day.

There are 3 meetings of these greedy bastards every year, so Seegoolam bags a total of Rs 600,000 on top of the astronomical, totally unaccountable salary he gets...The other 7 dumb idiots on the MPC each receive Rs 120,000 for every meeting, so a total of Rs 360,000 each for 3 meetings every year...The poor pets! They must be really overtired from laughing so much at a Lepep Kouyon that says nothing about the parasites destroying everything on this island...

Not bad for someone who has destroyed our economy, given billions of rupees to the richest bastards on the island, and landed us with a massive debt of nearly Rs 400 billions! Yes, Harvesh, kontinier gonflee to la guele tekwa la!

So, why do these nominees, 90% of whom are no good to man or animal, get so much of our money courtesy of the Prime Minister? We have a huge number of quite useless parastatal companies that exist purely for Prime ministers to nominate one of his retards as CEO or as a Board member. Let us call it an average of Rs 150 to Rs 200,000 per month for the CEO and an average of Rs 50 k for each member of the board.

Do the maths, and you will see an absolutely immorally huge amount of taxpayers' money being wasted on the PM's friends, relatives, and chatwas. Some CEO/s/DG/s sipaki ggtri of these parastatals earn a lot more, like the chatwas in charge of MT, STC etc, where the unlucky ones get around Rs 400,000+ a month and His Royal Highness Sherry Darling is on Rs 1 million a month, they say. As for the air hostess,Ken Arianus, now Air Mauritius supremo, fuck knows how many millions he has 'legitimately' extorted from us so far.

Think about the finances of our political parties, think about the complete absence of any regulations on the amount of "donations" they get, think of the huge expenses during an electoral campaign, think of the number of poor chickens who end up as Kentucky on the plates of desperately poor voters.
Therein lies your answer re those huge sums of our money given to invariably quite stupid nominees. The Prime minister decides their salary and privileges, so it is a case of " mo donne toi Rs 300,000, 14eme mois, voyaz a gogo, entertainment allowance, phone, limousine, sofer, lessence, tou gratis!  mai soi la moitie pou parti (i.e. moi) ou 13eme et 14eme moi pou moi. Li bon, li pa bon?"

If you can think of a more rational explanation for these disgustingly high salaries, I am quite happy for you to educate me....

Jeudi 9 Décembre 2021

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