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[Paul Lismore] Why Ramgoolam ? Why ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 14 Décembre 2022

[Paul Lismore] Why Ramgoolam ? Why ?
Of all the things you could have said in order to make the lives of our elderly citizens more comfortable, you chose to tell them that you will give them a free ticket to La Reunion island? Why? Do you know of any country anywhere in the world, including rich countries, that gives free airline tickets to their elderly citizens?

In our case, we simply do not have any money left because our Great Patriot, le jeune et dynamique Pravind Kumar Jugnauth, has not only wasted it all but in defonce la caisse net! Will that free ticket change their lives in the same way that you promised us in 2005 that " Mo pou sanz zot la vi dan 30 zours"? Eoula! 

All of us can think of many things that ought to be implemented as a matter of urgency in order to improve the quality of life of our elderly citizens. Here are the most obvious ones:

1/ Stop this terrible nonsense of allowing those who have reached the age of sixty to draw a full state pension whilst continuing to work full time. The old age state pension is for people who have retired from work, and it was never designed to be given to those who continue to draw a full salary and allowances. 

2/ Stop the incredible extravagance of giving subsidies on food to everyone, including those who draw a more than generous salary and allowances. It is the poor who need subsidies, not those who are well off. 

3/ Stop the environmental and economic disaster of giving duty free cars to people who qualify simply because their pay has been increased! Where is the logic in giving freebies to someone who gets a salary increase and therefore reaches the threshold to qualify him/her to buy a duty free car? This is just one example of the arse over tit logic that seems to obsess our stupid politicians: give more to those who now have more...

Admittedly, many in our very selfish population will not be happy with this, based on the simple argument: "Si ban la in gagne zot duty free, kifer arete pou moi?"

The national interest demands that our road infrastructure simply cannot cope with the 600,000+ vehicles that we currently have. At one time, Singapore simply stopped the importation of all cars, for the simple reason that the roads were too congested, and the environmental damage was too high....But then Singapore has politicians who put the national interest first....

4/ Try to deal with the atrocities being committed by the little bastards on their elderly parents! It cannot be right that people who have worked hard during their entire lives are being forced out of their homes by their children who are too lazy to work, and who demand their "inheritance". Mothers are being raped by their sons, fathers are being battered by their lazy sons who want their money: When will politicians consider this as an emergency that has to be dealt with the urgency that it demands?

As the police seems more interested in learning how to count to 12 (the number of demonstrators allowed outside the National Assembly), and often there are at least 25 of them to check and counter check that the 12 have been counted properly, new laws should be brought in to compel the police to act with promptness whenever there is a complaint of elderly abuse. The same should be done with regards to the psychopathic bastards who like using their wives as punch balls...

5/ Currently, everyone over 60 receives an old age State Pension, including the Super Rich. As selfishness seems to run deep in the DNA of Mauritian society, it is not surprising that we have yet to hear any of the rich people saying, " I don't need that pension. Take it back and give it to the poor and needy". 

Why not simply say, that henceforth the State old age pension will continue to be given to everyone, but will be clawed back from anyone earning more than say, Rs 50,000 a month?

Yes, they will complain because rich people always do. But use those savings for the things that old and poor people really need.

All the savings from 1 to 5 will be more than enough to give the poor and the old the help that they really need. Add to that the removal of the insanely immoral pensions given to Mr and Madam "Honourable" when we stop electing them...and reduce by at least half the salary and perks of all the idiots in the National Assembly.

The first thing that Ramgoolam ought to do to the adviser who told him that a free ticket to la Reunion is a wonderful idea: Shoot him/her! Or give him/her a one way ticket to Reunion and tell him/her to never come back...

When ti cretin is shitting everywhere and driving us to bankruptcy; when the biggest thieves on the island are those who have been appointed by ti cretin; when so many things are going wrong....Instead of Ramgoolam offering that stupid ticket, he ought to either stay quiet and let his silence highlight the incompetence of the government; or learn to listen to real people instead of still listening to so called advisers who could not advise a sheet of toilet paper on how to wipe shit properly...

Mercredi 14 Décembre 2022

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