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[Paul Lismore] Why Pravind Jugnauth's MSM stands a good chance of winning the next elections...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 15 Septembre 2022

He has been by far our worst, most incompetent Prime Minister in our history; he has presided over a sustained campaign of nepotism, corruption, and dilapidation of public funds, characterised by shameless hypocrisy and the appeal to fanaticism. He has tried to turn my religion Hinduism into a creed followed and believed by chatwas and utterly selfish oiks who have only one purpose in life: how to become rich by kissing his dirty hands.

Fortunately, only a small minority of Hindus follow his distorted and machiavellian version of Hinduism; the vast majority of Hindus prefer to stick to the original version of Hinduism as explained in the Vedas and the Upanishads, that what a man turns out to be depends on how he acts and conducts himself, his nobility of purpose, and imbued with an innate sense of brotherhood with all human beings irrespective of their beliefs and religion.

So, despite all of the above, why do I believe that Pravind Jugnauth and his MSM stand a good chance of winning the next elections? Because we have an opposition that cannot see the wood for the trees and a Lepep that is still too easily bought with electoral bribes given to them by their own stolen money, and who still believe in the satanic words of those so called socio kultchurel leaders. 

1/ How do parties win elections? By getting votes! Has anything changed with the Electoral Commission and that branch of la kwizinne known as the Electoral Service Commission? Have any procedures changed so that the bare faced theft of votes/electors etc in 2019 won't happen again? NO!

2/ We still have the same Electoral Commissioner, and the same chatwas in the Electoral Services Commission. You have all seen how both parties fought vigorously against all electoral petitions to the point where they became indistinguishable from the MSM "winners". Why is the opposition remaining quiet about these people? Their silence is indicative of their basic stupidity that relies on a false premise: " Ayo! Pa fer tapaz, tansion ban la plis amerde! A nou esperer ki san foi la, zot pou amene zot role kouma bizin."

3/ In the meantime, as far as we know, the lurking danger of those sinister computers remains, and their complete lack of transparency at the last elections and the almost complete silence over them by the opposition means that some dirty fingers will again be adding or removing votes at the next elections.

4/ There has been no campaign to remove the right of so many foreigners, esp Bangla Deshis, to vote in our elections....a right that no Mauritian living abroad enjoys. Cader Sayed Hossen lost by only 49 votes, and it is quite possible that it took only a few Bangla Deshis and other foreigners to swing the vote into the MSM camp.

5/ Our "patriots" love to boast about our right to call ourselves an island where I.T. is at its most modern. So, how come we still rely on people to go around the houses in order to register people as voters, when the whole thing could be done online, and all year round? What is so difficult about that? Of course, facilities should be provided to areas of great deprivation so that people who can't go online can register in the old, normal manner.

6/ In the last elections, many people who had been dead and buried managed to get up and vote; many people who had been properly registered found that others had usurped their names and already voted in their place. What makes you think it won't happen again? Ala exkiz ki zot pou donne: "Tro boukou in mort avek Covid, alor pa in gagne letan fer le necessaire lor electoral register...mai tou in fer dapre procedures (the Coota excuse after every act of police misdemeanour)..."

7/ Has the opposition asked for meetings with the Electoral Commissioner or even with the ESC, to obtain guarantees that there will not be a repetition of the 2019 nonsense? No. Why not? Parski pli facile krier ban slogans bien facile et bien imbécile, parski lepep kouyon kontan sa.

8/ In the 2019 elections, the MMM lost its deposit in many rural constituencies, which allowed the MSM to squeeze past the PTr and to victory. Roshi Bhadain and his Reform lost their deposits in ALL the rural seats. What was the point in them putting up candidates in those constituencies?

 The way things are going, the same thing will happen in 2024....unless the opposition decides that the only aim at the next elecftions is to get rid of this renegade, insufferably incompetent government. But the huge egos of these people will not allow that, thereby facilitating the chances of the MSM being overall winners again.

9/ La kwizinne has already got Facebook in its filthy paws, with the appointment of chatwas as Facebook Mauritian moderators( oops! cue for one of them to block this post now...). I tell you what will happen once the elections date are made official: Many of you will be blocked by Facebook and the chatwas will have a field day to spread their poison online.

Have you ever wondered why no member of the opposition has ever written to Facebook and complained that only opponents or critics of the government are censored/blocked, whilst the chatwas/trolls are allowed to publish their stupid, often obscene and dangerous nonsense? Too busy making selfies or posting videos of yourselves?

10/ If the opposition still stupidly believes that we have a free and independent judiciary, they ought to have a look again at the way the Supreme Court has dealt with all petitions, how the judicial censor decimated/obliterated many petitions before they had even been heard.... It will soon be 3 years since the last elections and those petitions that have survived have still yet to be resolved. The Kenyan Supreme Court took only 6 weeks to rule on the winners of the Presidential elections! Et ici, nou ban ziz p kass poz ou p manz dan la kwizinne...

2023, and the headlines will again be: the opposition has submitted electoral petitions in almost every constituency. History has shown us that these have as much value as a loud fart in a storm...
In the meantime, carry on with your stupid slogans. SS Pravind Jugnauth will again propulse himself to victory, simply because the opposition as a whole is too stupid, too full of massive egos, and so concerned with stupid details that they can't see the whole picture.

Jeudi 15 Septembre 2022

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