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[Paul Lismore] Why PJ will be eternally grateful to Bodha and...Berenger

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Samedi 27 Février 2021

On the day Nando Bodha resigned, a very smart young girl wrote to me and asked : "Do you think this is a highly intelligent move of the MSM to disrupt the opposition and to make people talk less of Angus Road and all the other scandals?" When I asked her why, she replied, " Just wait and see how Berenger will fall hook, line, and sinker for this latest ploy of the Jugnauths. Remember, no one knows Berenger better than the Jugnauths". 

What has happened since?

1/ An entente created by Ramgoolam for the PTr, MMM, and PMSD to fight the government in and out of parliament has been destroyed by Berenger. Because of Berenger, we now have the majority party of that entente outside that "entente".

2/ The "natural" ally of the PTr, the PMSD, seems to have found the dilo dire oui of its traditional enemy, the MMM, highly succulent and quite irresistible.

3/ Roshi Bhadain, a novice in politics compared to the "Dinozors", has inexplicably joined in Berenger's folly, perhaps thinking that a few municipality seats in Beau Bassin/Rose Hill will be ample reward for political and tactical stupidity. If Reform had to ally itself with any party, logic tells you that it should be with the PTr, with or without Ramgoolam. 

4/ Berenger has gambled everything on the imaginary power of Nando Bodha to rally the less than 20% of the population that has become an obsessive malady with the 'leader of all leaders': the Vaish. That has always been a cynical misrepresentation of the electoral realities in Mauritius, propagated first by Berenger himself, and vomited loyally by zourlanus faithful to his lost cause.

People with a few brain cells will of course understand that less than 20% of the electorate simply cannot dictate who becomes Prime Minister of this island. If nothing else, that farcical theory and mathematical absurdity makes the same percentage of Muslims (just under 20%) and the much higher percentage of the General Population( up to 35%)  look rather stupid in allowing less than 20% of the population dictate to the remaining 80%. Mai akoz theori farfelu de missier Berenger sa, alor zourlanus soucerres et ban zombies vreman koir ki li vrai, non?

Bodha has resigned, and nothing much has registered on the Richter scale of political events. Not even a little tremor. What has he said since resigning? Nothing of value apart from aping the sentiments of the 'citoyens' and the Wannabes about "bizin vre sanzman". Has he told us anything about the large scale corruption, the theft of billions of rupees of taxpayers' money, the grotesque maladministration of most institutions, the nepotism on a scale never seen before (with Bodha himself a beneficiary too...)? Of course not!

In the world of political striptease, Bodha has only partly removed one sock, and Berenger has felt a stirring in his loins. He wants to marry him already, even though his trousers are still on!

Pravind Jugnauth must be pissing himself laughing. He was shit scared of a PTr/MMM/PMSD/Reform alliance and knew his days were numbered. When all was going against him, up pops Berenger with another one of his political dud cards that only his zombies and zourlanus believe are real masterstrokes of political strategy and wisdom: replace Ramgoolam with Bodha and all will be for the best in the best of all possible worlds! 

So, Berenger has now put both the MMM and the PMSD in the political ghetto of the big cities. The MMM/PMSD/Reform can forget about Constituencies 5-14, where the MMM lost its deposit in all 3 seats in Constituency 7, lost 1 deposit in Constituency 9 and saved its deposit by 0.1% in another, and where its highest percentage of the vote in Constituencies 5-13 was only 20%. Are you telling me that Nando Bodha will make any difference in those constituencies? 

What the hell was Roshi Bhadain thinking of aligning himself with those 2 lame ducks in that crazy combination? 

Yes, Pravind Jugnauth must be having wet dreams all the time since Bodha resigned from the MSM. Berenger has ensured that the opposition vote will once again be split, (as it was in 2019), and the chances of the MSM squeezing through the bickering mobs of the other parties, and getting a highly unlikely victory at the next elections must be increasing every time Berenger opens his mouth.

The problem with Berenger is that some joker must have told him earlier on in his political career that he is a great political thinker and strategist. He fell for it, and, worse, many zourlanus believe that the man shits turds of wisdom...The reality is very different, as evidenced by his numerous tactical mistakes.
I am told that at Grand Bassin next week, Pravind Jugnauth will be making a special prayer for Berenger's continuing good that Berenger can come up with more tactical wizardry guaranteeing another MSM victory. Can you blame him?

Samedi 27 Février 2021

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