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[Paul Lismore] Why Bruneau ? Why ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 8 Mars 2023

[Paul Lismore] Why Bruneau ? Why ?
You were riding high on a crest of goodwill and renewed support; most people, apart from the chatwas obviously, felt a genuine sympathy for the scandalous and quite frankly criminal way you had been treated by the Special Shit Team and their equally useless colleagues in MCIT.

The sight of that ludicrous army "tank" in the middle of a convoy of vehicles jammed full with police officers who would have been far better employed tackling the real crimes affecting most people in Mauritius....police officers trying their best to look macho even those with huge bellies...That convoy which took you to court every time you appeared was an indication of the heights of lunacy reached by the madmen in power.

You came out looking physically much different than the man who had galvanised hundreds of thousands to march in Port Louis asking to bour le ti cretin deor. You had lost so much weight, and the change in your physique somehow gave you a faint aura of the martyrdom that many of your supporters were only too willing to smother you with.

We saw the genuine love and affection that your current girlfriend, your kids, your ex wife, and your supporters lavished on you, and we could only compare that with the ignoble way the authorities had treated you, including most unforgivably, a so called Prime Minister showing ultimate cowardice by using the National Assembly to depict you as a drugs dealer when you had not been even officially charged yet. 

And then you inexplicably decided to pull the whole edifice down by aligning yourself with someone with a reputation that symbolises everything that is rotten in this island: Bad contracts, appointments of idiots who smile like dickheads and sacking or redeploying those who are not nou bann, commissions a gogo, MUGA for chatwa mugs, i.e. the use of public money to make life sweet for the idiots who vote for thieves, a swimming star in a grotesque Mixed Doubles with the one known as Lady Macbeth, and last but not least: What happened to all the fucking copper in the telephone wires/cables?

You see, by joining Sherry Darling's new party, you have unfortunately brought to the surface your recent past: Your closeness to Kavy Ramano, the quite useless and terribly incompetent Minister for Bad Environment, and your active campaigning for him during the fraudulent 2019 electoral campaign. Your inconsistency in now joining 3 different parties in the last year alone. Your lack of a real manifesto apart from shouting the usual slogans about Bizin Sanzman, bla bla bla, without telling us how it is all going to be done...

Can you blame people for now saying, " Ki sanzman? Ziska lannee derniere, Sherry Darling ti ene eleman integral de sa system pourri la!" And now you want to sanz systeme la with someone like him as your leader? I tell you, if I was a bit bigger, I would try to slap some sense into you, but as I am a coward, I'll only tell you here:

That you have made a huge mistake for someone whose political career has only just started. I just cannot see how a party led by someone like Sherry Singh, despite all his extravagant videos and hi tech presentations, can be of any benefit to you. Whether you like it or not, the Avengers and the other lawyers doing their best to defend you are bound to feel embarrassed when they are with you in public from now on. I am sure they will continue to provide you with the best legal service they can, but on a personal level, I am afraid you have cut a few ropes on that bridge...

Your friends and supporters won't tell you any of the above...I am sure you know that chatwas exist in all parties, despite the vast majority being with the cretins in power. And what will they say now? " Brino, to meme nou mari!". Hopefully, your 4 months inside prison have helped you to make the crucial distinction between fake, sycophantic praise and objective appraisal....

I am glad and relieved that my life is complete enough for me to refuse to try to find heroes everywhere...But I am afraid your cloak of heroism is now stained with some heavy copper rust which will be almost impossible to remove.

Mercredi 8 Mars 2023

1.Posté par Faye noir le 08/03/2023 18:51
Éne causé créole dir........... Bien caca mal souyé !

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