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[Paul Lismore] Who runs our 'Etat de droit'? Our politicians? Our Judges? Lepep Admirab? No! an accuntant wo shamelessly calls homself 'Hajee'

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 28 Novembre 2018

I can't believe this. I would have thought that the vestiges of honour that I thought were still alive in the bodies of these miserable, thieving, corrupt bastards would manifest themselves for once and compel them to do the decent and honourable thing: which is to allow the man from whom they have stolen everything to have his day in court and to give his version of the facts.

[Paul Lismore] Who runs our 'Etat de droit'? Our politicians? Our Judges? Lepep Admirab? No! an accuntant wo shamelessly calls homself 'Hajee'
Unfortunately, this vista was too appalling for an accuntant to contemplate, and it is through his nasty little mind and horrible big mouth that the decision has been taken to 'postpone' today's hearing at the MT Tower where Dawood Rawat was going to let them know some home truths about the corrupt sale of Britam via Skype.

But the 'Hajee' has form for this type of underhand, sly, and malevolent course of action whilst pretending to be all things to all men with a voice that oozes false charm and hypocrisy in equal measure.

Remember, he is the thieving little oik who asked for and obtained Rs 27 millions for 'administering' BAI/Bramer after its theft by the arseholes in government obeying the diktats of the richest very few on the island.

Rs 27 millions for 6 weeks' work of covering up the theft with a sewer full of deceit and lies which were happily regurgitated by the worst zourlanus in the world in our so called 'free and independent' press.

This is the first time in my memory where a corrupt government obtained the full cooperation of the judiciary, the executive, the press, and the establishment in order to not only condone the biggest theft in our history but to applaud it.

And Patrick the Prick from le mauricien is not the only zourlanus who still has multiple orgasms every time he repeats the lies with his incredibly irritating and stupid " Daylight Robbery". The slave mentality is alive and well on this damned island, and the many Uncle Toms around us provide ample evidence to support that rather nasty but true conclusion.

Today's hearing as been cancelled because the 'Commission' met this morning to discuss 'procedural issues', which is a nice way of saying " Oh shit! What is he going to say to us? ki ban la dan gouvernman pou dire? Pa kapav laisse li kozer, sinon nou fini!".

And that is why, albeit with a heavy dose of sarcasm in the paraphrasing, they shit themselves this morning and decided to postpone the hearing that most decent and civilised Mauritians were eagerly awaiting.

I am reliably informed that the accuntant was the one who dumped the biggest amount of shit over the ordeal of having to listen to Dawood Rawat telling the world how the second syllable in 'accuntant' is very accurate when it comes to that horrible individual.

Remember, he was the one who flew to Paris to convince a desperately worried man that all his assets worth billions of rupees should be sold to the government for one fucking rupee!

And that if he did sign the papers for the most corrupt sale in history, then the government will leave his daughters and family alone. If that is not blackmail of the worst kind which would make even the Camorra feel envious of its nasty, cunningly violent nature, you show me another example of this type of transaction....

And, as usual, the solemn promise of the accuntant was immediately shown for what it was: a horribly devious tactic to get a man on his knees to sign away everything so that other accuntants and assorted thieves would get their grubby hands on these assets.

And before the signature of Dawood Rawat was even dry on that psychopathic deal, the bastards arrested Laina D. Rawat-Burns, Adeela Rawat-Feistritzer, and their husbands Brian Burns and Claudio, largely helped by a corrupt justice system that allowed magistrates to freeze everything without even looking at the evidence and imposing stringent bail conditions on all four.

This went on for 2 years, helped to a large extent by the useless zourlanus who are good for only one thing: licking the arses of our politicians and swallowing and then regurgitating every lump of shit that comes out of those nasty orifices.

All the charges were of course crap ones and God knows why it took the DPP over 2 years to throw them in the bin. 2 years of being arrested under false charges, two years of having your liberty curtailed, kept in prison overnight so that idiotic gablous can look inside your private parts, perhaps hoping to find the Crown Jewels there...

And Pravin Jugnauth has the audacity to ask us for Rs 100 millions for the terrible ordeal of spending 10 fucking hours at Casernes and not being arrested, no charges, no release on bail, etc? With a pussy face Attorney General now willing to make a deal with his own PM instead of fighting the stupid 'compensation' claim? And some of you are obsessed only over my identity and happy with all the corruption and injustice on this island? Idiots!

If our press is truly free and independent as it claims to be every day, then every rational man and woman on this island would expect it to condemn this decision by the so called "Commission of Inquiry" and question Judge Domah's ability to chair a commission with the integrity, balance, and sense of justice and fairness that it demands.

Good Lord! What does it take for people to feel angry that the main victim of the biggest theft in our history is being censored and not allowed to give his side of the story? Are you all brain dead? Or so corrupt that you have no sense of shame or honour left in you?

I do not have much hope that our zourlanus and even the real journalists would have a lot to say about this blatant act of censorship. It is now becoming apparent that the psychopathic gene of Patrick the Prick is embedded to a lesser extent in the rest of the 'free and independent' press.

Nothing else can possibly explain the horribly one sided accounts of the tragedy and scandal behind the theft of BAI/Bramer. Our corrupt politicians do not need a press officer when they already have a supine and subservient press to do their dirty work for them.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that no one will write about the "hajee" accuntant or the illegal appointment of the other accuntant, Yacoob, as administrator of BAI/Bramer. Shame on you!

God helps any idiot who ignores all the issues that I have raised and instead decides that my identity is more important than anything else. I will shove a big sugar cane stick in the orifice that you use to do your thinking for you!

Mercredi 28 Novembre 2018

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