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[Paul Lismore] Who do you think you are, Mrs Nandini Singla?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 14 Mars 2023

[Paul Lismore] Who do you think you are, Mrs Nandini Singla?
Nearly a year ago, I wrote this, at the time when no newspaper, no journalist or zourlanus would question your very undiplomatic desire to be seen as as a supporter of a MSM government that has caused our island so much damage:

" Many of us feel extremely uneasy that Nandini Singla behaves more like Lady Macbeth's twin sister than fulfilling her real role as the High Commissioner of India to Mauritius. We all remember how she created a magnificent impression when she first arrived here, meeting with the management and journalists of various newspapers, and the leading politicians of all our parties, saying all the right things about democracy, freedom, civil rights, freedom of expression, etc  Most ambassadors/High Commissioners prefer to work quietly in the background and are rarely seen, but Nandini was in our papers on an almost daily basis displaying an alluring smile, her long, silky hair, and a beautiful saree from an apparently endless collection of expensive sarees in her wardrobe. She created a positive impression everywhere she went, and presented us the best of India, at her mysterious, benevolent best."

All that has changed now. ALL the other High Commissioners/diplomats from other countries have behaved appropriately and with much appreciated restraint, decorum, and reserve towards the whole population, and shown absolute respect for our democracy and our right to conduct our business without any interference from a foreign country. ALL except one, and that is you, Nandini Singla. Your behaviour and attitude give clear evidence that you literally believe that the nickname some of us affectionately described Mauritius as " Chota Bharat" has embedded itself so much in your mind that you now behave as if Mauritius is indeed a dominion of India.

Would that explain your silence and no doubt participation in the MT scandal when your man with the silly moustache decided to "sniff" what he had no right to even touch, never mind sniff? Would it explain why your government continues to loan us stupendous amounts of money which we and you know will be either wasted, stolen, or misused with the incredible incompetence so characteristic of the government that you seem to love so much?

Are you aware of the huge amounts of debts on the shoulders of the children yet to be born, but you still "lend" us more tens of billions of rupees? Does it ever cross your mind even for one second that responsible Mauritians view with disgust the terribly undiplomatic manner of lending our government huge amounts of money which will be used to try to buy yet another electoral victory from a gullible electorate? Is this how elections are run in India and you therefore believe that " Chota Bharat" should follow what Big Brother does?

Tell me, have you seen any other High Commissioner/diplomat parading themselves with the wives of people in this corrupt government as you often do? Do you ever see any High Commissioner/diplomat consorting with any local politician, esp if he/she is from the Government side? Why do you think that is? Simply because High Commissioners/diplomats accept that their role is in the background, that diplomacy in the country hosting them is best done with tact and ...diplomacy.

You, on the other hand, have behaved in such an outlandish and interfering manner that people now ask as a joke before any festival/ceremony, esp if it is a Hindu one, " Nandini pou vini?" (Is Nandini coming?). Now, we all know the policy of the ruling party in India: Hindus first, although the hundreds of millions of Hindus living below the poverty line would suggest that that policy is nothing but the cynical and unforgivable exploitation of religion for political purposes. Do you smile when you see how the ti cretin has slavishly followed in the footsteps of Big Brother Modi, and is now hoping that there are sufficient Hindu idiots who will add their votes to Muslim and Creole nincompoops and elect the thieving, incompetent ones to power again? 

I can say all the above because I am a Hindu (a far better one than your Choti bahen Lady Macbeth, I can tell you!), and therefore even the chatwas will look more stupid than they usually do if they accuse me of "Hindu bashing". I am deeply annoyed and angry that you have made people form an impression of India that is far away from my image of it as a tolerant, peaceful, and gorgeous country. Most right thinking Mauritians now see India as a colonial power that has stolen one of our islands, Agalega, turned it into a military base that none of us wanted, and thereby made ourselves a target for any future war between the big powers. 

Let me give you a bit of Mauritian history: Since independence, we have always been a non aligned country, i.e. we are friendly with every country in the world...same as India used to be. Unfortunately, we are now following India and taking sides by letting you put massively destructive weapons on one of our islands. What do you think will happen to us if China and India decide to go to war, as they have done in the past, and the USA and Russia join in? Agalega is very small, but do you think anything will be left of it during that war, a war that none of us want on our shores?

You now give the impression of being a Bollywood starlet, good only for flashing your radiant smile at some ceremony, and wearing the most delightful saree that puts to shade the "ladies" who love hovering around you. Is that it? Is this your major, perhaps sole role as High Commissioner of India to Mauritius? Poor India! Poor Mauritius!

Please start showing some dignity, some sense of responsibility, some respect for every Mauritian on the island. Stop giving the impression that la Kwizinne is your natural habitat, and that somehow that makes you the First Lady of the island. You are not, and you never will be, samjhe?


Mardi 14 Mars 2023

1.Posté par Faye noir le 16/03/2023 04:14
BJP & MSM ( Mouvement Soy Mauricien ) share the same ideology with white supremacy : dominent ethnic group should rule over minorities.

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