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[Paul Lismore] Who can you trust in an island where all institutions are corrupt to the core ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Jeudi 26 Août 2021

[Paul Lismore] Who can you trust in an island where all institutions are corrupt to the core ?
When people no longer feel a sense of disappointment but instead now come to expect as normal behaviour that those we are supposed to "respect" are nothing more than lying, calculating, mercenary, spineless bastards, then you have to fear for the future of this island.

Things are as bad as watching the hitherto perfect and pristine face of a loved one now horribly disfigured with the warts of cowardly lies and pitiful excuses acting as a not very convincing shield for a new life of deceit and duplicity.

The judicial inquiry on the murder of Kistnen is giving us the absolute proof, as if any was ever needed, that our institutions are thoroughly corrupt, that all sorts of idiots have been appointed/promoted to positions they can never hope to do justice to even if they are reincarnated and come back to the same job many times, that telling lies has become a way of life for those who really believe their shit smells nice, that arrogance has now seeped into the marrow of so many individuals who are clearly unfit for the highly paid jobs given to them on a plate, that our police force is now the police force of the few in power and the enemy of most decent folk, that money obtained from any source is now the only God in existence and that the other traditional Gods are invoked only in case Paradise and Hell do really exist.

On top of that, we have the 'experts' guarding our coastline showing us how woefully stupid they really are, and that with people like these 'defending' our borders and our sea, the Wakashio disaster was as predictable as forecasting that during the next week, Pravind Jugnauth and his zombies will use the word "demagozi" at least 10 times, even though most Mauritians still ask, "Ki ete sa demagozi la? Zot p dire pa fer demagozi, eski ene nouvo position sexuel sa?"

So, who can we trust? Doctors? Those who charge you Rs 1000 for a 5 minute "consultation" and then prescribe you Paracetamol? Those who slice you open when you are cold on the slab of a mortuary and then write some nonsense about your death on what they call a "certificate"? The Kistnah inquiry has shown the value of one such specimen, the aptly named Dr SunASSee, whose demeanour and responses betrayed the cretinous and asinine responses of a jackass.

He received 2 warnings for perjury and misleading the court by the magistrate, but one gets the impression that incompetent, thoroughly useless people like him will behave as if nothing has happened, and might even brag about his performance to the jackasses that probably pass off as his 'friends'. As they say, dilo lor brede sonz...

Can we trust the police? Only if you trust Pravind Jugnauth because, to all intents and purposes, he is the police. The spineless senior people in uniform can only say "Oui missier" to him or to any orders coming directly from la cuisine. It would certainly seem that Lady Macbeth has a bigger pair of testicles than the commissioner, his numerous deputies and assistant commissioners, in fact every senior member of the police force. Two police sergeants received three warnings in court for basically telling lies. But once again, dilo lor brede sonz...

Will the police commissioner do anything? Haha! So graines pa pou li, so appointment c zis par interim, alor ninporte kan la cuisine kapav fer li saute! There is something called the Disciplined Forces Commission sipaki, but no one has woken them up from their decades old slumber yet...So nothing will be done.

Will the General Medical Council do anything about the jackass(es)? If I tell you that Jagutpal used to chair that useless body, will you now accept that nothing will be done? If the jackass is an example of how autopsies are conducted, are you surprised that it is only once in a blue moon that any case of medical malpractice causing death leads to a successful conclusion, i.e. conviction?

So, the police won't do anything, the Medical Council will remain pompous and complacent, our Civil servants will continue to play footsie with their endless "pa moi sa, pa koner kisan la sa", our politicians continue to steal from us, what is the future for this island? Quite dark, I am afraid..

I bet you the vast majority of people on the island really wanted the magistrate to imprison the lying bastards after their second warning. I am afraid that is the only course of action that might, just might show the donkeys that they have perhaps got it wrong...Esp as we can all hear the deafening silence of the good police officers who say and do nothing and instead tolerate the actions of those who dirty the uniforms that they say they wear with pride...

Unfortunately, Mauritius is full of idiots who like to act clever. You see it all the time, in the supermarket, in offices, in personal relationships where an ungrateful, arrogant bastard will act all saintly even when the suppurating abscesses of lies and absurd self justifications burst and flow down the face of the liar...
I am afraid the only way to effect any meaningful change is to get rid of all those who were appointed to the top of our institutions through political patronage and deft handling of a kalchoul in la cuisine. The rot is far too deep for any cosmetic changes. Sack them, sue them, and if found guilty, lock them up, and get them to return all the money they have stolen! 

Jeudi 26 Août 2021

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