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[Paul Lismore] When will we have a Mauritian Mr Casanova ?

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mardi 22 Décembre 2020

The rich hate to part with their money whereas most of the less rich and the poor will always step forward to help someone living in dire misery, or whose child/relative needs expensive treatment.

That generalisation is unfortunately the reality that we see everyday. I am discounting those who help the poor because it is a nice way to take selfies and show the world that they may be arseholes, but they are from the 'caring, sharing' arseholes brigade.

Just imagine this:

Why is it that people who have become billionaires hate to part with the Rs 1 million that would change the lives of someone and his/her relatives forever if only they could have access to the expensive surgery and medicine abroad?

We see it often in our newspapers: the appeals by a distressed mother/father for money to enable them to take their sick kid or relative to India for treatment that our Mauritian hospitals cannot provide. The government does its bit and provides money for air fares and treatment, but often, more treatment is required, and unfortunately, the government cannot repeatedly finance this. Where are the billionaires and multimillionaires?

A Paris, cet élu qui refuse de toucher 50 000 euros par an

Shouldn't they be stepping forward and providing the finance, which would be a tiny drop in the ocean of wealth that they possess? Perhaps they are too busy praying and thanking God for choosing them to be so filthy rich, and therefore they cannot see the misery and poverty around them....nor do they care.

How come we never see any politician in Mauritius with the mentality of an Agnes Evren or a Pierre Casanova?

" Pour Agnès Evren (Les Républicains), rien que de logique : elle bénéficie déjà, comme députée européenne, du maximum prévu par la loi pour l’ensemble des mandats publics. « Depuis mon élection au Parlement européen, je ne perçois plus rien du Conseil de Paris ni de la Métropole, sinon parfois 12 ou 14 centimes, confirme la présidente de la fédération LR de Paris. Non, vraiment, je ne siège pas dans ces deux instances pour l’argent… »..... La situation de Pierre Casanova est plus curieuse. Ce membre du MoDem ne touche rien, car il en a fait lui-même la demande expresse.... Par son geste, il fait donc une croix sur plus de 50 000 euros brut par an. Une démarche exceptionnelle."

Can you name any Mauritian politician who would refuse to accept public money, despite being sufficiently rich to do so?

Here, les serviteurs du pays will claim for everything that they or their predecessors have voted as freebies for them...and then some more! Look at Gorgeous Yogida Sawmynaden: Despite being apparently linked to the murder of his agent and pocketting the money that should have gone to his Constituency clerk, he will this month get a cheque for nearly Rs 700,000. Yes, he gets a 13th month too despite doing next to fuck all in the preceding 12 months...apart from ensuring that his Ministry of Commerce made several arseholes multimillionaires with contracts for medical equipment designed by thieves for thieves.

When we acknowledge India's preeminence in modern medicine (despite what the patented fanatical anti India idiots will say...), and we regularly send inoperable cases in Mauritius for treatment in India, one servante du pays has decided that her medical condition, whatever that may be, apart from a terrible longing to continue to Assizer, Bez Cash, Dramer..., needs treatment in Mauritius and not India! Since August, Maya Hanoomanjee has been our High Commissioner to India from the comfort of her home, and earning the full salary of a High Commissioner! Ki pli bon ki sa, eh? Sa ki apel servi nou pays, kot diplomaci p fer par telefone et loder nicorne voisin p fer li senti bien...

You know how our politicians always find it difficult to do anything to make this country move forward?

Just imagine this: If they could use the same imagination they use to enrich themselves at our expense and claim all sorts of allowances from us, and instead use that to benefit the country, Mauritius would be a very rich country indeed. Unfortunately, most of the wealth that they create ends up in the pockets of the billionaires they suck up to, and in their own pockets through fraudulent contracts and mastery of all areas of bribery and corruption.

A Mauritian Casanova? Not soon, I am afraid. Too many Mauritian Satans for even one Casanova to make a mark...Here the rich pray to their money, and the snobs, the arrivistes, the ambitious, and the stupid follow in their footsteps. 

The first thing that a newly elected MP here thinks is: Ki limousine duty free mo kapav asseter la? Kommien entitlements et allowances mo kapav pran? Mo kapav fer mo cousin/cousine ki so 14 in glisser vine CEO ene parastatal? Mo pou gagner mo 13eme moi, meme pendan 12 mois mo in nek gratter, senti? Kan mo kapav asseter ene lot Duty free limousine?

Mardi 22 Décembre 2020

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