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[Paul Lismore] When the duty of the press to inform us loses out to mercenary considerations...

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 24 Juin 2020

" A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will in time produce a people as base as itself"---Joseph Pulitzer.

You must have all heard of the idiot jumping over the wall of his Hotel "Quarantine" in order to spend some time with his wife and kids.

He flew back from Madagascar, and the fact that 3 individuals who also returned from that country tested positive for Coronavirus did not seem to bother him at all...or that his potential infection could endanger the lives of not only his nearest and dearest, but also those unfortunate enough to breathe the same air as him. 

The identity of the careless arsehole remains secret for one reason only: he is very, very rich, and the blurb on his company's website loudly proclaims that "  With more than 2,500 employees, it now forms part of the Indian Ocean's top 100 groups. The company is involved in an array of activities across the industrial sector, international trade, distribution and retail, through fast-moving consumer goods, home equipment, multimedia and retail franchises. The Group also operates in the real estate sector."

Now, we often see the identities of many individuals revealed by our wonderful press, esp those who are poor, are not well connected, and therefore their feelings do not seem to matter to our 'free and independent" zourlanus and journalists. In a so called democracy where the press often screams for a Freedom of Information Act, and rightly so, why does the same press pick and choose which names to reveal and which names to conceal?

In this case, there can be only one reason. The owner of this company spends good money on advertising in our newspapers, and if there is one thing that our zourlanus have stamped on their foreheads as their mantra is this saying:

Do not bite the hand that feeds you! Integrity, to most of them, is certainly based on choosing their thoughts and actions based on personal gain rather than the values of real journalism....

So, who is this chap whose name must remain anonymous according to our lovely zourlanus?

He is Roupesh Hematlal, the CEO of HV Group, a " Karana" (A settler from India in Madagascar). He and his brother Sanjeev moved from Madagascar to Mauritius in 2001 following the demise of their father, and the huge success of the HV conglomerate enabled them to obtain Mauritian nationality. HV International Ltd is the official distributor of Samsung in Mauritius and the Indian Ocean. 

Overall, this is an amazing success story for the Hematlal brothers, and that success has meant that many doors have opened for them...including the doors of the unofficial 'casino' run by Paul Foo Kune, when a poker game with high stakes was unceremoniously stopped by the Gambling Regulatory Authority people in April 2017, and Foo Kune and 10 other individuals were arrested and charged with " d’avoir joué au poker pour de l’argent, sans détenir un permis émis par la Gambling Regulatory Authority (GRA)."

They were all released on 'caution' of Rs 10,000 each, and " une reconnaissance de dette de Rs 100 000. Une interdiction de quitter le pays pèse aussi sur eux." One of the nine was Roupesh Hematlal, but as no one had heard of him, our zourlanus did not provide any details about him...By the way, as is often the case in our etat de droit, that 2017 case has still not been completed..

There is reliable information that  his wife and two children were staying in Salt Palmar , i.e next to Ambre hotel, and this adds further weight to the argument that he deliberately planned this dinner with his family and therefore disregarded the dangers of his most irresponsible behaviour.

 Dr Gujadhur " affirme qu'il s'agit d'un acte irresponsable." According to L'Express, "il s’agirait d’un riche homme d’affaires à la tête d’une grande compagnie de distribution implantée à Maurice et à Madagascar." And we get the same obfuscatory nonsense from the rest of the free and independent press...

Now, do you think the press would have kept quiet if that grossly irresponsible act had been committed by one of the waiters waiting for months on cruise ships, or by so many of our citizens living in desperate conditions abroad, waiting for Brylcreem Boy to remove his finger from his arse and do the decent, humane thing by bringing them back home?  Of course not!

But in this case, Missier la ena boukou pitaye! Et li largue zoli pitaye a nou zournals/ radio/press avek piblicite pou so lindistri...Therefore, la guele ki kontan moraliser pou res chup chap lor so identite.

Not me. I repeat: his name is Roupesh Hematlal, and he is an irresponsible idiot, despite his obvious flair for business.

Mercredi 24 Juin 2020

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