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[Paul Lismore] When breaking the law seems to be the favourite hobby of some police officiers

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Mercredi 21 Décembre 2022

[Paul Lismore] When breaking the law seems to be the favourite hobby of some police officiers
Vreman ena bez dan sa ggt pays la! We now have a police force run by la kwizinne/SunTrust, and with a police commissioner as useful as a chocolate teapot. Dipshit has done nothing apart from ensuring that his uniform looks resplendent when he tries to make himself look useful at those parades for new police officers, or during his very rare "press conferences" where he invariably makes himself look more stupid than he already is. Kot al ramasse sa ban zimaz la pou fer zot vine Komisser de police, do?

And yet, the police commissioner's post is one of the safest in the whole island in terms of security of tenure, i.e. personne pa kapav bour li deor! Pa meme Pi Ke Jugnauth, Lady Macbeth, ou sa gouvernman pourri la! The only way to get rid of a police commissioner is via a commission of inquiry which finds him guilty. Otherwise, li kapav fer seki li envi et personne pa kapav influence li....Except that in our wonderful democracy, our police commissioners often have to change their lamoresses several times a day as they give the impression of shitting themselves whenever they see the Prime Minister...WHY? Why do our police commissioners display a very rare and severe medical condition of being able to salute despite having no backbone?

They do say that the fish always rots from the head. Et dan Moriste, pena narien pli pourri ki sa ban soidizan "leaders" of OUR police force. Pena oken pays o monde ki ena sa kantite DCPs, ACP, tou kalite Surintendans et inspekters/sergeants, ban posts ki politiciens in kreer kom bribe pou garde la police dan zot poche. Lexanp pli flagrant ki in bien pourri la force policiere, c ki si gablous envi gagne promotion vite et bel pitaye lor overtime/per diem etc, al assete legumes/babysit/ amene zenfan lekol pou ban ministres.

Promotion garanti! Meme si zot pa konne ene ferfoute lor travay la police pou arete crimes. C akoz sa ki boukou policiers ki travay kouma bizin p dekouraze kan zot truve ban gopias p passe la o zot la tete et gagne promotion sinpleman parski zot ena long la langue et zot kontan dire, "Oui missier"...

Ki nou pa in truve dan sa ggt pays la? Gablous criminel servi tazer dan trou kanaka dimoune ki zot in arete, toutesuite zot dire "suicide" sa kan ti assassine Kistnen, zot kreer Special Shit Team pou montre ban planteurs kouma bizin plante, zot fer lenket toutesuite kouma ene pitin ou ene ti macro la kwizinne vine fer conplainte ki zot senti zot "diffame", zot ena ene IT Unit ki fer patrol Facebook pou cheke kisan la p zour zot Bon Dier ou Lady Macbeth, si ene sa ban ministres voyou la pete fort, en place zot rode ene membre lopposition pou blame li, etc etc. Mai si ene madame ki so mari zanimo p batte li al fer conplainte, en place gablous vine soi Marriage Guidance Officer ("Madame, al koz ar li bien, ou pou korek lerla...") ou zot tro busy pou vine arete macro la...

Let me now give you the name of a police officer who, shamefully, our zourlanus in our "free and independent" press have refused to name. He is Kumar Dutt Bachoo, "posted to SSU Number 1", and he is the one who stole the 40 inch TV set which was in SSU 1. Apparently, he has already confessed....which makes one wonder: have police officers now become so greedy that a 63 year old police sergeant, looking forward to a lovely pension any time he wants to retire, steals an old TV set? We have heard how Bruneau Laurette's wallet with winning betting tickets and other items have gone missing when his house was searched, we heard yesterday how a young police officer confesse to stealing Rs 1000 from a detainee in a police station., we know that100 kgs of drugs can rapidly become only 56 kilos the next day, etc etc.

Sergeant Bachoo is the brother of ACP Bachoo who gave a statement under warning when Cael Permes was murdered....Permes was transferred to la Bastille from Beau Bassin prison, and got a terrible beating on the way to La Bastille and died there the same day. Evidaman et bien sure, la verite lor so la mor pa pou sorti avek sa ban vermines o pouvoir la...ACP Bachoo, brother of the TV thief, was ACP for the Beau Bassin area, and was closely involved with the transfer that led to Premes' death...

Yes people, the fish always rots from the head...and our police force is a clear example of that. A force with no leadership and which encourages the terrible culture of arse licking, and where the most popular department, the one that everyone aspires to become a member of, is VIPSU....where you only need to lick arse better than your colleagues to move ahead in your career.

The departments that ought to be the pride of the police force, the CID and CCID, are now in the hands of zombies who take orders directly from the PMO and la kwizinne.... 

Bon, mo p al guetter ki ena lor TV. Si serzan Bachoo p kokin ene TV 40 pouces, bizin ena bon programmes lor TV, non? Pou li fer ene zafer parey....

Here is the Police Report on the arrest of Sergeant Bachoo...The Deputy Superintendent is called DSP THUG. One can only hope that he at least does not live up to his name...

[Paul Lismore] When breaking the law seems to be the favourite hobby of some police officiers

Mercredi 21 Décembre 2022

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