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[Paul Lismore] When a gentleman politician risks damaging his excellent reputation with silence

Rédigé par Paul Lismore le Lundi 3 Octobre 2022

Yes, we do have a few gentleman politicians.  You know, the type of individual who is liked and respected by all decent people because they are sincere, loyal, hard working, intelligent parliamentarians, and who no one could ever accuse of being arrogant or always trying to seek attention....They are the rare individuals who hardly ever post any selfies or videos to demonstrate how easy it is to manipulate a lepep kouyon. Instead, they prefer to present people with the cold facts of what is happening to them, and let the people decide for themselves the reality of their situations and the fate of this island.

Osman Mohamed is one of a growing army of individuals who unfortunately does not get the recognition and the rewards that they amply deserve. That sort of recognition invariably goes to the empty barrels in our political firmament that make the most noise....

In the general elections of 2019, Osman Mohamed topped the list of successful candidates in Constituency 2 with a whopping 60% of the electorate voting for him, a clear 20% of the total vote ahead of Reza Uteem of the MMM and Farhad Aumeer of the PTr. I have yet to find anything negative written about him, whether about his constituency work or his performance in the National Assembly.

Unfortunately, his constituency clerk whose name escapes me but who was at one time apparently the Lord Mayor of our Capital City, has decided that manze la kwizinne pli bon aster, and that after 35 years in politics with the PTr, has discovered over the last fortnight that Pravind Jugnauth is a wonderful man, and a real leader....Et zot dire ki Striking Team et certains gablous ki fer mazik? Eoula! Pli gran mazicien dan pays, c Pravind Kumar Jugnauth! Guet kouma li vire la tete sa kantite "patriotes" la ene sel kou! So parti in renpli ar ban ex MMM ki in fer "la lutte des classes" vine "la lutte pou kisan la tap plis kass ar Rakesh"...C ene mazicien extraordiner ki fer ban dimounes zordi dire " Mo 100% avek mo leader (Paul, Navin, ou Zaza)" et dimin dire, "Pravind, sa ki ene vrai leader sa!"

The slogan for the next electoral campaign of the MSM will be " Meme ban treters pa fer mazik ossi vite ki Pravind! Ensam, nou ouver liziers (et poches...)!"

But back to the topic of the gentleman politician and parliamentarian, Osman Mohamed. I can understand the frustration that he naturally feels when his right hand man amputates himself from him and joins the enemy... and his reflections on his own political future, when he sees less able politicians endowed with a much bigger mouth claiming a recognition that they simply do not deserve. 

But I can not ever see him raising an orange flag and shouting, " Pravind, to meme mo Bon dier", like transfuges who have long lost their moral compasses often do. He simply is not that type. I can't see him joining the PMSD either, or any other party. The MMM? Perhaps, especially as Reza Uteem is also the deputy of the same constituency. But even then, I can't see him doing any other thing apart from continuing to show people what loyalty and selflessness are: two rare qualities in the brothel known as Mauritian politics.

Unfortunately, his prolonged silence is giving rise to all sorts of speculations, the most outlandish one being that he will join the MSM. This is damaging his reputation, and the sooner he makes his position clear, the better it will be for him and his political future.

It would be wonderful for Mauritius if Osman Mohamed can show that not everyone in politics is for sale...and wonderful for him too, as it will solidify his image of him as that rare politician who is intelligent, dependable, hard working, and loyal.

Lundi 3 Octobre 2022

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